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Hello. I hail from Cleveland, but currently reside in the city of sin. No, not Las Vegas, rather New York City. Although now that I think of it, Las Vegas would be fun at least until I lose all my money betting on the Browns. "Can you spare a dime buddy?" is not a phrase I aim to use. I do not care what anyone says -- New York is definitely the official city of sin. While you can find trouble in Cleveland, New York is on a totally different planet -- everyone and I mean everyone is looking to have a good time. Just make sure be up to date on your STD shots. Anyhow, my heart belongs to Cleveland and I am a humongous sports fan. I hope to share some of my thoughts on the state of the Erie sports scene with all you enlightened readers in the near future. Peace! Benz

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  • A.L. Benz posted 3236 days ago

    A.L. Benz

    Thanks for the commment. They have had an entertaining year that could turn into an amazing year with a win against Butler. I will be enjoying every second of it!

  • Nathan Bitner posted 3236 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Hey, it's nice to see someone writing about the Vikings -- they kind of fell off the map after beating Syracuse, but they certainly have the players to take Butler if they're at the top of their game. good luck!