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  • larry higo posted 2080 days ago

    larry higo

    Here's a question for you: I'm arguing the point with a writer who breathes all things Pats. I've been telling him that this year's Saints' team was the greatest offensive team in NFL history and of course he thinks it's the 07 Patriot's team. The Pats had a stud defense in 07 that finished 4th overall which I felt helped give the ball back to the offense. On the other hand, the Saints had to overcome their atrocious defense. His primary reason for the Pat's offense being named the greatest ever was the fact they scored about 2.5 points per game more than the Saints and mine was the Saints gained almost 900 more yards over the season which I thought was far more significant. I think the guy is too biased to make a good decision regardless of what team he chooses as clearly prior to me informing him how many more yards the Saints gained, he felt the Pats had outgained the Saints and so on. I'm curious what your thoughts are as you tend to make much more analytical and informed decisions

    Comparative Stats.

    total yardage 2011 Saints 5347 Passing 2127 Rushing
    total yardage 2007 Pats 4731 Passing 1849 Rushing

    differences: 616 Yards 278 yards

    total difference 894 yards.

    the two teams gained 7.8 yards per pass although the Saints threw about 75 more times and the Saints averaged about half a yard more per carry and rushed about 30 fewer times while gaining more yardage.4.9 vs 4.4 yards per carry.

    Pats' defense: ranked 4th and Saints' defense ranked 25th.

    One last thing, the 1950 Rams averaged 38.8 points per game, a still existing NFL record and averaged about 10-15 yards per game less than the Saints. In a time of much less offense, this to me looks like the greatest offensive team ever but it's before the modern age of football. The greatest show on turf also averaged the same number of yards which was about 40 yards per game more than the 0 7 Pats or about 700 yards more than the Pats. Unfortunately Warner was injured that year or else he'd probably have broken Marino's record as Trent Green started 5 games and between them, they threw for over 5400 yards. The team averaged about 2 points lsss per game than the Pats. 576 to 540

  • larry higo posted 2132 days ago

    larry higo

    What about an article asking which Superbowl team is going to do better next year? I think it's a lot more likely NE will be in the SB again than it is the Giants will be.

  • larry higo posted 2138 days ago

    larry higo

    Quentin,as the saying goes there's absolutely a reason that Las Vegas has been built as people do not go home with their pockets full of money, it's still there. What a great idea for an article and apparently about the only time it went against Vegas was the 2007 Superbowl. After all, who could have predicted it.

    I actually like the Pats a lot. I like offensively minded teams and like Brady as he seems like such a class act and admire Belichick as he seem so intelligent. The only reason now I'd be unhappy to see them win is because I don't want to have to eat crow and to tell Patsfan4Live what a great job he did analyzing the two teams. Otherwise I don't mind being wrong and congratulated the Pats' fans after they beat the Ravens.

  • larry higo posted 2140 days ago

    larry higo

    Given the quality of your posts, why don't you become a BR writer

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2279 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Q I wrote a story about Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning and would love your opinion on it. Here is the link