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  • Khalid Siddiqui posted 2218 days ago

    Khalid  Siddiqui

    Thanks for the fan add Adam.


  • Goutham Babu posted 2246 days ago

    Goutham Babu
  • Goutham Babu posted 2246 days ago

    Goutham Babu
  • Zahi Sahli posted 2288 days ago

    Zahi Sahli


    Although we usually give praise for the skill of footballers, sportsmanship is truly a fabulous art!

    Inside Football goes inside the beautiful game to give you a look at players who have both the skill and sportsmanship and demand the respect of everyone!

    I would appreciate it if you take a look and have your say.


    Zahi Sahli

  • Brian Rhodes posted 2316 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes



    A couple of articles for you to look at. I have changed the picture for the ref article, to one from the game that demonstrates a clear screw up by one of the officials.

    Try and get anyone you know to vote for the Fury as the Philadelphia soccer team name. It would be interesting if we could influence it.

  • Alex Stamp posted 2330 days ago

    Alex Stamp

    Hi, I've written a new piece. Does size matter in football? do players have to be big to succeed? Have a look and see what you think

  • Zahi Sahli posted 2335 days ago

    Zahi Sahli

    Hey my friend,

    January's back! Find out the latest transfer buzz in the serious humor series, Rumors & Realities!

    It the funniest Rumors & Realities yet.. ? Check it out, comment and rate it yourself!



    Zahi Sahli

  • Zahi Sahli posted 2339 days ago

    Zahi Sahli

    Vote for the best writer on B/R world football in 2008:


  • Zahi Sahli posted 2342 days ago

    Zahi Sahli


    Rumors & Realities is back with another edition of serious humor.

    Cannavaro to Milan, Bellamy to Tottenham? Check it out: