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  • Dave Morrison posted 3173 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hi David—this is Dave Morrison, one of Bleacher Report's Community Coordinators.

    I had to delete the following comment as it violates our Terms of Use: "Hotnuke, Your a f#@n idiot. Of course you disagree, Andrew did not have his face submerged in D Wades nuts as you do!!! Take a breather bud!!!! Wipe the ball sweat off your lips and think about something other than D Wades' scrotum bouncing off your chin!!! Your lips must be bruised!!! Lets hope for gods sake that you can only pull your finger out of Wades ass long enough to write another article about how you would pass Miami off for a good team. ( Or maybe if your lucky, a 500 team) Lets face it, Miami f@#in blows!! ! You are so anti anything but Wades COCK in your mouth, that you would rather sit at your parents house, (and believe me, I know you live with your parents) and talk about how Wade deserves to win the MVP over LeBron or Kobe. Why???? Because he has a few good games late in the season to maybe get his team into the 5th seed??? You are a F$#king HOMER!!!! How about you write an article titled: Top 4 ways to suck D Wades cock!!! GET A LIFE LOSER!!!! You can't make a living if you only get paid in love juice!!! You can talk about how you may have made it big someday in basketball if what??? You didn't get FAT???? LOSER!!!! You were in the band....BAND FAG!!!!!! Why not take your flute, your finger out of D Wades ASS and remove your mouth from those BIG HAIRY, SMELLY D Wades NUT SACK..... and... maybe ...Get a breath of fresh air!!!!!! GO CAVS!!!!!!"

    Please avoid using profanity/making personal attacks/using homophobic language in the threads. Consider this a formal warning.


  • Angel Navedo posted 3243 days ago

    Angel Navedo

    Hey David,

    Wanted to respond to your Mangini question:

    I think he's a coach with good ideas, but needs more time to learn how to execute them on a leadership level. He takes a Belichick approach without Belichick results. He preaches a lot about preparation, adjustments, and all the keywords in the NFL, but his teams never execute.

    Don't buy into any hype about how Favre killed his career. Everyone says 9-7 after 4-12 is a success. But he went 10-6 in his rookie year before the Jets went out and made a splash in free agency! He had guys who didn't fit certain roles stepping in, and he made it to the playoffs. How he can do worse with seven Pro Bowlers is a mystery.

    The fact remains that Mangini's gameplans were too smart for their own good. He comes out passing against teams who can't stop the run. He abandons the run too early, and let's teams make it close in the second half.

    Aside from that, rumor has it that for all his coolness, and even-keel persona, he panicked after the Broncos beat us. He changed up gameplans, changed players assignments.. and everyone knows the rest.

    Who knows what he learned in New York. But I don't think he's ready for an HC job so soon.

  • Robert Cobb posted 3304 days ago

    Robert Cobb

    Dave, can you respot your comment on my article UNLEASHED/Broncos Stampede...thanks