Joseph graduated from Kent State in 2012 with degrees in political science and newspaper journalism, and he has no idea what to do with them.

He's a member of B/R's Breaking News Team.

In a men's bathroom, Jim Thome once told a young Joseph to always wash his hands after using the restroom. Since that turning point, Joseph's life has never been the same.

His work has been featured on CNN.com, World Football Daily and his mother's refrigerator. He's just biding his time until he wins the lottery and can retire at a young age.

You can email him at jzucker49@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @JosephZucker.

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  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 58 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    You've met Jim Thome before?

  • Rock Proof posted 123 days ago

    Rock Proof

    Don't be surprised if Backes has the whole summer to recover, Blues barely won two home games and are the most emotionally fragile team in the NHL, coming back to St. Louis after a couple of lopsided losses will provide a a burden which I don't think they can handle. Diminishing the Hawks' chances as a partisan reflex might make you look more like a fool than a journalist.

  • Jerry Cosmokramer posted 245 days ago

    Jerry Cosmokramer

    Joseph, these articles repeating old tweets are not writing. This c&p style of authorship is going to put you and bleacher report out of business.

  • Black Widow posted 254 days ago

    Black  Widow

    I can see that you started to write for WWE column... what motivates you to write about WWE?

  • no thanks posted 259 days ago

    no thanks

    and in group C, it's "Colombia" not "Columbia."

  • no thanks posted 259 days ago

    no thanks

    in your breakdown of the world cup groups, you have chile listed as number 3 in the fifa rankings. they're number 15, argentina is number 3

  • K L posted 354 days ago

    K L

    I have seen better article than just give 3 games of your recent article about CFB.

    It looks like you are copying words from Lou Holtz.

    If you don't know him, look him up.

  • Jacob Lock posted 355 days ago

    Jacob Lock

    ou are talking about the team that only marginalize 1 touch down OUT OF 6 GOD DAMN INTERCEPTION; against the team that is rebuilding themselves from their WORST HISTORY OF 134 YEARS OF football program.

    Interception you say? You mean receiver that one of them got redshirt and one of them are sophomore appearing his first actual game? Notre Dame should have marginalize if you want to give credit like that.

    and yes, 3 players got suspended and I am willing to overlook them instead of praising about the team that is certainly not capable of putting big points against unranked opponent.

    It is exactly the same offence that cannot marginalize in game.

    You mention about Brian Kelly? He NEVER had experience of TURNING AROUND THE PROGRAM IN MAC. Brady Hoke has.
    One thing Kelly did. Beat Michigan and USC in luck with one exceptional player. It is just as same as Les Miles in LSU (if you know actual football). Michigan did not consider bringing him in because he cannot do without a capability of INSTITUTION.

    Get it?

    And yes, THEY DID NEED TO BEAT Owls by 50 points to prove point (good example of Wisconsin against Umass yesterday. and there is a reason why USC is on the line to fire their head coach; there is a reason why OSU is on the line for suspicion; look up their scores expert). If they want to receive national attention and to beat Michigan they need that kind of marginal point. Do you even watch College football? Alabama VS Va Tech or Georgia and Clemson? That is kind of game that you would expect to have small margin (it did not end up in small margin by the way).

    Why Alabama gets their attention? because they beat Michigan and Alabama 41- 14 and 13 respectively.

    Bless your heart predicting every point that you are predicting.
    Get your sorry college football prediction out and watch actual game instead of looking at final score.
    Let me dare to teach you something, as a writer.
    What actually happen in game gives far more adequate explanation than final score. That is especially more important where team is shifting every single day.

    but it seems like, from the comment below, people are not found to be please with other articles of yours too.

    People like you should be more careful than this. You have far greater power with your keyboard and your audience than people like me. Guess what, this is not a good one. Face the fact and do your actual job.

    There is a reason why people call themselves an expert. Because they tell us things that we do not see. This one, we all see it, and you are wrong.

  • Jacob Lock posted 355 days ago

    Jacob Lock

    Why would you write about college football?

    please don't, and my explanation is on the comment section.

  • Mayor Adam West posted 361 days ago

    Mayor Adam   West

    Biggest idiot on BR

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