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My name is Ellen and my mom once told me that I don't just think outside the box, I'm two miles away from the box playing hopsctoch. I'm very random in fact, Random fact:I don't own a single pair of plain white socks. Why, because I find them too boring. All my socks are colorful and covered with prints. You'd think that would be an initiative to wear a matching pair but nope. I love my colors and think they look good when the contrast each other. Besides it's not as if anyone see's them anyway. It's like my own little secret. Also, I am a ninja pirate witch jedi werewolf vampire mutant fairy gypsy who ime lord plays a children's card game while eating red vines on top of a unicorn.
The reason I joined this site is all because of wrestling. I've been obsessed with it my whole life. My favorite in the ring, right now: John Cena, yes I do like this man, I liked him ever since his debut, I liked him during his rap gimmick (even bought that horrible cd), I even like him walking around like a giant tomato. The Miz, his mic skills are amazing. They are so good, he even has his own little mic with an upside down WWE logo that represents The Miz. He's entertaining to watch. I especially loved him on the Dirt Sheet. CM Punk, he is one of the best in the ring and on the mic. He is hilarious and I personally love him. These three are my favorites and I like them through all their gimmicks. (even though I prefer them in their heel moments)

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