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A 23-year-old Liverpool fan from Ireland. Yes I'm not from Liverpool and therefore slightly inferior to the real scouse fans from the city. Originally I think as a child I was rebelling against the Utd supporting consensus of most people my age. As an outsider however my passion is wholeheartedly real and I have been taken in by the greatness of the previous generation of reds players and managers who lay the foundations of one the the world's greatest sporting institutions. Anyone who asks me why I support Liverpool and I will just tell them to read any of the fine books written about Shanks.

Unfortunately I share a birthday with Christiano Ronaldo so I suppose nobody is perfect.

PS: I'm always interested in Anfield tickets if anybody can help me out

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  • Jamie Ward posted 3319 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    Hi jim,

    If ure about let me know mate, i want to do a little article about you,

    I wanna ask u a few questions like ure story about when u first started supporting liverpool etc that sort of stuff and i wanna highlight ure article

    Get back to me,


  • Jamie Ward posted 3327 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    Nice first article Jim, i enjoyedit and look forward to some more from you.

    Apoligies about the picture change when i edited it, when i clicked the edit button there was no picture there for some reason and i couldnt remeber what one you had before.

    Feel free to change anything you want back to your original format, they are just some suggestions for you.