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Coming straight out of high school, I was a professional musician studying for a degree in Commercial Music Management. Along the way, I realized that music would always be part of my life, but that my true passion is writing. A few published poems and essays later, I was beginning the slow start of a career. I have been working on a novel for a couple of years, but in the mean time, I wanted something fun to write about to broaden my horizons, and that's when I found Bleacher Report. I was a huge pro wrestling fan as a kid, but around the time I hit high school, I fell out of interest. The past couple years, I picked it up again, and my appreciation and enjoyment of professional wrestling has grown to outshine what I had as a child. I just want to share my opinions and love of the squared circle with the rest of the IWC, and hopefully hear some of your feedback and passion as well. And if I can become a better writer in the process, then that's just icing on the cake! WWWYKI

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