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Ryan is a writer and editor living in New Haven, Connecticut whose work has been featured in several websites, newspapers, magazines around the country. When he's not rooting for Tottenham Hotspur and the U.S. men's national soccer team, he's working for Love146 — an organization putting a stop to child sex trafficking and exploitation all over the world.

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  • Som La Gent Blaugrana posted 1349 days ago

    Som La  Gent Blaugrana

    Ryan u are the biggest by far the most incompetent person on BR i've ever seen, that tells you something my friend

  • Alfonzo Torres posted 1859 days ago

    Alfonzo Torres

    Just looking at some archives, you sure do provide some good laughs.

    Keep it up!

  • Jonathan Brent posted 1914 days ago

    Jonathan Brent

    You're quite welcome. Thanks for writing!

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 1921 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks for being a fan.

  • Andrew Troy posted 1929 days ago

    Andrew  Troy

    Yes and article last year early enough in the season where you predicted Adebayor would score two goals in the first half. there was more to the article than just that, you discussed the team in general and predicted other things happening. Im sorry the team escapes me, I think it was West Brom. You worte certain elements of your article with such vision and conviction that I visited the bookies and back a win with Emmanuel and it came in. Now that is a quality article Ryne and one of the few high points in my shocking gambling escapades

  • Paul Kasabian posted 1947 days ago

    Paul Kasabian

    Fixed. -- PK

  • Vince Siu posted 1974 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Hey Ryan - I just wrote up a piece on Spurs' transfer targets this summer. Would love for you to head over for a quick read: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1264605-tottenham-hotspur-why-spurs-transfer-targets-make-sense-in-villas-boas-4-3-3
    Cheers mate.

  • Matthew Bolton posted 1976 days ago

    Matthew Bolton

    Hi Ryan. As an avid Spurs supporter, is there any chance of you writing an article on potential candidates for the Tottenham captaincy? If rumours of King's exit become true, it'll be interesting to see who actually is appointed.

  • Kris v. posted 2033 days ago

    Kris v.

    Hey I don't know if you heard but FoxSoccer is running a story about Torres wanting out of Chelsea. Since it's becoming more likely that THFC is letting go of Modric, what do you think about Spurs making a move for him?? He'd be happy with the playing time, should Levy be unable to meet Ade's salary demands. I think Torres would be willing to to take a pay cut to have an escape rope from CFC and assume a lead role for a potential CL league team. You think Spurs could be the team to reinvigorate his stalled career? Or am I just delusional haha. In any case, I loved your articles this season, and look forward to August. COYS

  • jenny dyer posted 2049 days ago

    jenny  dyer

    I'd like you to write about the event in Barcelona where outstanding players will receive prizes from IFFHS .