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  • Joshua Hayes posted 2174 days ago

    Joshua Hayes

    :-) Sorry for the delay in responding to your message to me! I think the Brady thing is more love-hate. If they asked the exact opposite question on the profile page, I may answer it with Brady's name again. After years of near misses at his hands and a 3-6 record vs .the Patriots in his stead (1 of those wins with him out of the lineup), Steelers fans revile Brady, but I view it as a mandatory respect, speaking for myself.

  • Amber Lee posted 2280 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Haha well I know what you’re saying.

    I cannot lie… I have given up on the Pirates and MLB in general. I try to get enthused about the Natties or the Red Sox but to me baseball just isn’t the same as other sports to me.

    I’ll say that I’ve adopted my Wizards because I’ve never had a pro-basketball team in my own city and I really seriously love John Wall. Baseball might be heading that way, but it’s not currently the hopeless shit show that baseball is—and again… I just really really love John Wall. I think he’s the perfect guy to build a struggling franchise on.. I thought nothing of the Wizards until they finally decided to dump Arenas.

    I have actually learned a lot about Bill Russell. He’s a total baller and I feel like an ahole for not knowing who he was—I just haven’t changed my response because I love Charles Barkley that much.

    I love Sapp as a personality.. but he and Collinsworth on NFL primetime or whatever on Showtime is just a nightmare. It was so much less worse on HBO with Marino and Carter.. The shift from HBO to SHO was the absolute worst….

  • Amber Lee posted 2284 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there Shannon, wanted to say thanks for reading! I am working to build an audience on here and wanted to see if you'd consider fanning me on BR.

    Noooooo pressure though-- you're a Steelers fan apparently, so we're all good no matter what :)