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For fear of dragging on, I will summarize my sports fandom in a paragraph. I was born and raised in Seattle going to Mariners and Sonics games as often as possible. When I could in High School, I would sneak into University of Washington Huskies Football and Basketball student sections. I love the Seahawks, and remember the year Jerry Rice and Steve Young played in the Kingdome on my birthday. They only played a half, but they made the Seahawks look like a high school team. I watched wrestling as a kid and have recently gotten back into it with a much more grown up view of the WWE. Although that hasn't stopped me from occasionally blurting out profanity on an airplane watching replays of matches. Hockey wasn't that close to my heart, nor was European Soccer leagues, but I follow sparingly and always love live games, despite getting into them later in life. And on that note, a reminder that Russell Westbrook was drafted by the Sonics.

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