Kenneth Walter


My name is Kenny Walter. I am a aspiring journalist with a journalism degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. I grew up my whole life and currently reside in Brick, New Jersey, which is on the Jersey shore. My favorite sport is basketball, but I also follow baseball and football closely. I am a big fan of the University of North Carolina. I am also a fan of the Knicks, Jets and Oakland A's.

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  • Joe G posted 2977 days ago

    Joe G

    Thanks for the edits!

  • G D posted 2979 days ago

    G D


    Right now we all need to take time out of our day, and pray for Jim Johnson. The Philadelphia Eagle's defensive coordinator who was diagnosed with skin cancer. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Spencer Roach posted 2979 days ago

    Spencer Roach

    Thanks for your edit, but I accidentaly deleted the long dash. How do you make it? I'm going to put it on more of my titles.

  • Ted Shamblin posted 2979 days ago

    Ted Shamblin

    Thanks for help on my story

  • Brian Hutchison posted 2981 days ago

    Brian  Hutchison

    hey thanks for the feedback kenneth

  • Lew Wright posted 2982 days ago

    Lew Wright


    Thanks for tweaking my article for the better.


  • Tim Seeman posted 2985 days ago

    Tim Seeman

    gotta say thanks for not changing "Warriors" to "Golden Eagles" in my marquette piece

  • Mike Kent posted 2986 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hi , did you see the NY sports page on BR? it is not doing to well. it only has 4 fans, i think we should make it better and take the page under are wing, its time to for us to represent NY and show the world what this great place is all about. I asked Angel Navedo to be the community leader, we will see what he says. A few have already joined, Are you in ?

  • Max Kienzler posted 2986 days ago

    Max Kienzler

    Hey Kenneth, thanks for the read. Sometimes I think faster than I can type and it usually translates into mistakes. I appreciate the edit.

  • Brendan Gillespie posted 2987 days ago

    Brendan Gillespie

    Thanks for the edits. I write them in MS Word, sometimes the transfer over isn't perfect.