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  • Curtis Shaw posted 729 days ago

    Curtis Shaw

    There's no need to thank me. You write consistently good articles; I was merely recognizing it. I would have "liked" one before, but I just noticed the Props button. Keep up the good work.

  • Pat Kondzella posted 731 days ago

    Pat Kondzella

    My pleasure, Barbara. Go Kings! Go Browns!

  • Keith B McGlothin posted 736 days ago

    Keith B McGlothin

    How do I post my game preview?

  • Dylon W posted 773 days ago

    Dylon W

    Not too much info at all. It’s always interesting to get a little back story. I've bookmarked your site but haven’t had a chance to dive in. I’m excited to see the continuation of Browns coverage. One more place to feed my addiction.

    I’m a life long Browns fan (born and raised in a suburb of CLE) now living on the West Coast. I have tried over the years to adopt another team (Chargers most recently) but it’s hopeless; there’s only one team for me. When, not if but when, they start winning it will be the sweetest experience at the end of such a long trek.

    Really enjoy your perspective and prose. Thanks!

  • Dylon W posted 775 days ago

    Dylon W

    Hi Barbara, You're welcome and glad to be a fan. See that you're a Redskins fan but seem to write primarily about the Browns. Is there a story?

  • James Hicks posted 792 days ago

    James Hicks

    You're welcome! I've visited Cleveland a few times, and really like the city and sports culture. After visiting the last time, I started to gain respect for Browns, and i can safely say the Browns are my second favorite team. I check out the Browns B/R page from time to time, and you seem to be the best Browns writer in my opinion.

  • Joe Rowland posted 862 days ago

    Joe Rowland

    Your welcome

  • Brian Murtaugh posted 876 days ago

    Brian Murtaugh

    Barbara, How is it that you and I have written the same article twice in the last month? We both wrote a Free Agency Tracker and now we both did the Position Battles. I feel like there are some wires being crossed. The last two articles I have been asked to do, you did them as well. I am guessing that we are somehow being assigned the same articles by Matt (the NFL editor)? Just wondering if you knew anything about it, I'm pretty confused.

  • Jason Callahan posted 877 days ago

    Jason Callahan

    Wrestling bears gets me ready to write some articles. I enjoy your articles very much. Look for my updated profile and stuff this weekend. Thanks for the note.

  • Bob Hricik posted 887 days ago

    Bob  Hricik

    You are welcome. Coincidentally my son Brian is also doing some writing for b/r on the Browns. I has only had one article published so far but he is an rabid Browns fan and an aspiring writer. Problem for him is to find time between his day job to do more writing.