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  • Josh Matt posted 1881 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • RustyLH posted 2200 days ago


    Hi Dan,

    I wrote a slide show article in my application, and feel the subject is a good one that could, and should be published. However, I do admit that I wrote it in one pass, and did not proof read it for grammar, flow, or readability. If you can give me feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. If needed, I could work it some more, before publishing.

    Russell Hush

  • Andre Khatchaturian posted 2203 days ago

    Andre Khatchaturian

    Hey Dan, Just wanted to let you know that I'll be at the LA Office Hours for sure on Thursday. Can't wait!

  • Adam Hart posted 2208 days ago

    Adam Hart

    Hi Dan!

    I feel like I wrote a good article, yet it hasn't gotten much publicity or traffic.
    Could you read it, and maybe, if you liked it, promote it?

    Thank for your time,

    Kyle MacMillan

  • Travis Normand posted 2235 days ago

    Travis Normand

    Mr. Rubenstein is an RG3 fan, and so I share this with him: Enjoy! Hopefully!??

  • David Boutin posted 2335 days ago

    David Boutin

    Christopher had me stumped for a second. Let me translate: "Hey, got an idea for a story for you. If you're who I need to talk to about it, write me back at Thanks."

  • Christopher Brummet posted 2344 days ago

    Christopher  Brummet

    He got an idea for a story for you if your how I need to talk to about it write me back at thanks