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Dan Levy, National Lead Writer – As host of the critically acclaimed On the DL podcast, former writer at and contributor to, Levy is well versed in the world of Web 2.0 publishing and social media platforms. With more than a decade of experience in the sports media industry, Levy has become a trusted and respected voice.

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  • Julie Dee posted 10 days ago

    Julie Dee

    I like your article and you are correct that it's time to redefine American soccer. My view is perhaps out of the box, but I think that the only way American male soccer can mature and compete with Europe and South America is by creating a transnational soccer competition on the American peninsula including soccer teams from Canada, USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. This will generate the critical mass that USA soccer needs in the short term. The critical mass being more rivalry, more fans, better players, more financial investments in the sport to compete with the established popular sports in the USA. This soccer league will strenghten soccer's position in the US and lower the barrier to compete on the world stage. So, here you have my 2 cents worth solution. Given the recent results of the US team in Brasil they deserve to play on the world stage, but it takes vision, resources and hard work to accelerate the US performance level. Regards, JD.

  • Timothy Midgley posted 10 days ago

    Timothy Midgley

    Great article about the growth of soccer in the USA. Soccer will continue to grow at a great rate because it is is the most played game in this country. More young people play soccer for recreation than play American football, basketball, or even baseball. Since it is already the most popular sport from that point of view, I agree that making it the most popular sport on TV is really just an exercise in marketing.

  • Tim walsh posted 11 days ago

    Tim walsh

    If Manziel wasn't rolling up that bill for drug use, what was the purpose? There is no other reason in the world to roll up dollar bills in the bathroom like that if you are not using it to snort drugs. Maybe it wasn't cocaine, but it was for some substance. I'd be happy to be proven wrong if somebody can supply me with some other reason a person would be tightly rolling up a bill in the bathroom.

  • john haselden posted 15 days ago

    john haselden

    New Zealand All Blacks 145- Japan Cherry Blossoms 17
    Australia 142 Namibia 0
    England 111 Uruguay 13

    yep never will there be a bigger blow out, good luck with that.

  • Mark yeoh posted 22 days ago

    Mark yeoh

    bitch please. fuck usa and go and play your hand-egg...american faggot and leave football to real men..

  • Brint McCookie posted 31 days ago

    Brint McCookie

    Hey Dan. Bradely didn't say the quote in your latest article, Tim Howard did.

  • Jose Gil-Figueroa posted 44 days ago

    Jose Gil-Figueroa

    Dan, Thanks for the great article on Klinsmann and Wilbon! I cannot agree further! Way to stick it to the american way of gaining attention especially between sports personalities.

  • jamie watson posted 46 days ago

    jamie watson

    Hi Dan, Will you be a guest on my radio show to preview World Cup this Sunday or next?
    10:15am eastern. Contact me via @teeoffwithjamie on twitter. Shane Bacon at Yahoo referred me to you. Thank you so much! Jamie

  • jay son posted 47 days ago

    jay son

    agree with your comment re: Kornheiser/Wilbon's call to Klinsmann "get out of america". as an immigrant myself, i am very sensitive to people calling no natural born citizens to "get out". i understand Klinsmann is white and may not cause an uproar if he was Mexican or Nigerian. however, that's the same idea. second. Klinsmann may express something unpopular among some circles, but that's part of being american, dissent and vociferous expression is an american value embodied in our founding. this is no different from Noam Chomsky calling for americans to review their foreign policy after 9/11 or Oliver Stone made the Untold History of the United States. all against popular belief. but Chomsky/Stone are no more "get out of america" than Klinsmann .... thanks for your insightful comment.

  • Steve Tanton posted 48 days ago

    Steve Tanton

    Dan, I'm new to your writing, not being one who reads about sports very much, but I enjoyed your comments here this morning:

    Wilbon rants about Klinsmann not being an expert on American sports - what an idiot. Unfortunately yea, I guess Klinsmann did open the door with the Kobe Bryant thing a little bit, but Wilbon takes the comment out-of-context (that's what liberals do), but I for one do not watch professional basketball nor football, largely because I converted to real football and I prefer real basketball (the college game) and do not care for much of the behavior of certain Americans who are far more racist than Sterling. Of course Klinsmann is an expert on real football and of course Wilbon is a blowhard...but then he's allowed to be. (Read David Horowitz' "Black Skin Privilege") Some below are a little harsh on you, while I found at least the one article to be top notch, A+, ON THE MONEY! “My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.” (Benjamin Disraeli)