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  • Will posted 202 days ago



    What have you been up to ???

    I really miss you.

    Bleacher Report is not the same without you.


  • that guy posted 318 days ago

    that guy

    what happened to jets winning the afc east? you said the Texans and falcons were going to the superbowl, what happened? did you make one single correct prediction in bracketology?

  • Sean Keane posted 424 days ago

    Sean Keane

    One of my readers placed a formal request for a knuckle sandwich delivered from me to you...I of course declined, but did promise to aim a tight spiral to the dome if the opportunity arose. I figure it's only fair to warn you well in advance so you can get the receiver gloves ready and the cameras rolling

  • Geoff Porter posted 427 days ago

    Geoff Porter

    What if Zerkle is actually just one of the greatest sports analyst trolls of all time? Genius, pure genius...

  • nick tietjen posted 444 days ago

    nick tietjen

    Nice pick of the Browns winning today. what? they got crushed at home? oh yeah because like a fool you failed to take into account the most dangerous player on either team, Cam Wake. I have a feeling you'll be trying to jump on his and the dolphins band wagon soon. Too bad you're not allowed. Your opinion is worthless.

  • Timmy Johnson posted 453 days ago

    Timmy Johnson

    I'm just curious, why do you hate the Bengals so much? They could be playing the 2008 Detroit Lions and you would go against them.

  • Josh Zerkle posted 463 days ago

    Josh  Zerkle

    Ruben, you should have been here last year. I was like Tony Romo's dad in these videos.

  • Ruben Guajardo posted 468 days ago

    Ruben Guajardo

    Dude, you're such a Cowboy hater, it's annoying. You obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about, you're just full of hate for this team. Yes, they went 8-8 the past two years, but I guess you forgot that those past two years they played for the division title in week 17? You also seem to not know that Dallas' Defense is looking to be loads better than that awful unit led by Rob Ryan, especially considering that Ware is back and healthy, along with Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, this team has the potential to reach the playoffs, giving them the chance to win the super bowl. Romo to Bryant will be deadly, and you can't forget about Jason Witten either. Take a step back from your biased opinion and do some actual reporting and analyzing, don't just bash the team 'cause you hate 'em.

  • Phillip Williams posted 470 days ago

    Phillip Williams


    I don't normally do this but I find that listening to you talk or reading your articles as the worst thing I could be doing on the internet. Nothing against you personally b/c I don't know you but you come off as ignorant and half the time i'm wondering what the heck your talking about.

    This rage is mainly b/c of you video on 3-13 panthers, and its not just you its the other two amigos who are just as puzzling. I mean one guy said 12-4 record was possible which is just as laughable as 34-13 hahaha.

    Actually do some research on a team before broadcasting your lame, unintelligent ideas on the web

  • Alan Black posted 477 days ago

    Alan Black

    Just wanted to thank you for adding my Riley Cooper article to The Go Route. It had been buried in the Eagles archives as soon as it was published, so your placement of it on the blog helped it get far more views than it would have otherwise. Thanks again.