American  Soldier

American Soldier


I'm an Active Duty Army Soldier. I'm a Veteran of Operation Desert-Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I consider myself very Patriotic about my Country - God bless the USA, and apologize to NO ONE for my Conservative Christian Faith and Views.

I'm a Cincinnati Reds fan, going back to 1970. The first Reds player I ever saw play became my all-time favorite: Pete Rose, AKA: Charlie Hustle, Hit King, and sadly, the Banished Gambler. Still, -On the field- I saw no one more effective at starting, sustaining winning rallies. Don't allow Rose back on a field to manage or coach, but allow him in Baseball's Hall of Fame.

Favorite All-Time Actor: John Wayne; there will NEVER be another actor like the Duke. Thank GOD he never played a gay cowboy.

Favorite All-Time Singer/Entertainer: Elvis Presley; yes, Elvis had his skeletons, too. Drugs destroyed his life long before it should have ended - to die at an "old" 42. Still, the fans loved him...even in his declining years.

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