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  • Chirp Derp Maple Syrup posted 908 days ago

    Chirp Derp Maple Syrup


  • Bleacher Report posted 1581 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Because instead of completely deleting my writer profile, B/R just deleted my name and kept all of the articles that I have written.

  • Hero 2.0 posted 1582 days ago

    Hero 2.0

    Why are you bleacher Report now?

  • Hero 2.0 posted 1583 days ago

    Hero 2.0

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo you can't go!!?

  • Hero 2.0 posted 1584 days ago

    Hero 2.0

    Where can I listen to your podcasts?

  • Luis Campos posted 1600 days ago

    Luis Campos

    Thanks Richard, you too.

  • The Icon posted 1600 days ago

    The Icon

    Keep up the good work mate.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy posted 1611 days ago


    Just posted my 2000th comment! I feel like singing man. ♫Celebrate good times come on!♫* Hell yeah!

  • Hero 2.0 posted 1615 days ago

    Hero 2.0

    When was it made?

  • Hero 2.0 posted 1615 days ago

    Hero 2.0

    NIce website:)