Hi. I'm Brendan O'Hare. Besides being a Featured Columnist here at B/R, I am a contributing writer to SB Nation's Celtics Blog. Also, I am the EIC/founder of the sports/pop culture blogging conglomerate PineRiders (www.pineriders.com). I have contributed to Gawker TV and Yahoo Sports "The Post Game", and have a desire to spread my writing seed throughout the literary world. That sounded bad. Can I get a re-do?

For my next NFL mailbag, either email me or send me a question on my Bulletin Board. I'd like for it to be a weekly thing: bohare7@yahoo.com

ALSO: Follow me on Twitter -- http://twitter.com/#!/brendohare. I just want friends.

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  • bob stevens posted 722 days ago

    bob stevens

    Celtics, Steelers, Yankees. They are all underdogs (sarcasm)

  • Alexis Simon posted 917 days ago

    Alexis Simon

    I've never read an article that was so grossly comprised of opinion and omission of facts as yours. I just pray you don't take yourself seriously.

  • Zachary Coulter posted 935 days ago

    Zachary Coulter

    You are the greatest O'Hare!

  • Steven Schmidt posted 935 days ago

    Steven Schmidt

    Worst writer on Bleacher. Thanks for wasting my time

  • John Cramper posted 958 days ago

    John Cramper

    I love how you say you like underdogs yet your favorite teams have all won the most championships in their sport.

  • John Cramper posted 962 days ago

    John Cramper

    u are a hater who knows nothing about football

  • George Anderson posted 1144 days ago

    George Anderson

    Easy with the whole seed-spreading, as for your writing good luck. Are you an NFL FC?