George Duryea

George Duryea


Born and raised in San Francisco as a die-hard 49ers and Giants fan. I've always pulled for Cal football, and as a recent Georgetown grad, I'm a big fan of the Hoyas.
I am more than happy to read an article if you genuinely think I will find it interesting.

"As good a passer as he is, Montana may not be in Marino's class, but, as good a passer as Marino is, he can't beat you as many ways as Montana can."

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  • Bleacher Report posted 2947 days ago

    Bleacher Report


  • Bleacher Report posted 2966 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Sanchez is back, no big surprise...

  • Bleacher Report posted 2976 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Been a little distracted by non-Giant stuff, so here's the first one in a while...

  • Bleacher Report posted 2985 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Yo man, first installment of 3 part roundtable w/Evan and Danny...

  • Bleacher Report posted 2998 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Officially time to start thinking about 2010...

  • Bleacher Report posted 3000 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Starting the campaign early...

  • Bleacher Report posted 3004 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    I think we all saw this coming for a while, but still doesn't mean I have to like it...

  • Bleacher Report posted 3006 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Apologies, my man.

    Forgot you on this one.

    Better late than never though ;-)

  • Bleacher Report posted 3010 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Looks like I might have a chance to write about some exciting Niner football.

    And, after last night, it might start soon...