Tiger Hebert

Tiger Hebert


Hey everyone, we are running a free mock draft contest again this year after the huge success from last year.

This year the winner will receive one of New Era's new NFL Draft Caps, the same ones the pros will wear on draft day.

Come join the fun at http://tigerreport.blogspot.com/2012/04/ttrs-2nd-annual-mock-draft-contest.html
My name is Tiger and I run an NFL site called the Tiger Report.

The Tiger Report is an up to date source of informative and insightful football news from the NFL. With topics such as Draft coverage, Free Agency, Player Transactions, Team Analysis, and Fantasy Football coverage, this is your one stop football shop!

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The Tiger Report has our own unique Toolbar to download, and will bring all the NFL news and updates we have right to your browser! 100% awesome and 100% free.

I also am the creator of the Per Play Index (PPI). It is an innovative fantasy football player comparison matrix with a unique and exclusive PPI rating system.

Come check us out at http://TigerReport.Blogspot.com

**If you have a passion for football and are interested in being a contributor for The Tiger Report, please contact me to discuss the possibility at http://tigerreport.blogspot.com/2011/08/tiger-report-is-growing-and-looking-to.html **

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  • Tiger Hebert posted 2247 days ago

    Tiger Hebert

    The Tiger Report is currently hosting a free contest! Enter for a chance to Win a FREE NFL Team Flag courtesy of CVS Flags at http://tigerreport.blogspot.com/2011/10/contest-alert-chance-to-win-free-nfl.html

  • Tiger Hebert posted 2248 days ago

    Tiger Hebert

    Week 7 picks and Start em Sit em at http://TigerReport.Blogspot.com

  • Tiger Hebert posted 2254 days ago

    Tiger Hebert

    In fact, both of my replies are absent of your post. lol.

  • Tiger Hebert posted 2254 days ago

    Tiger Hebert

    No, I didn't verify it. I have retraced that page, even using ctrl-F to see if I can even find the response I posted, and it is no where to be found. I still don't know what the racist part is about.

    However when you state things as fact and they are not backed up by solid evidence or subject matter knowledge, seems ignorant to me.

    I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, but in this instance, I am not. Calvin Johnson is a Top 5 wideout in this league.

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2254 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    First, you accused me of deleting your comment, I did not and you verified I did not yet no apology. Second, you stated I spewed ignorance because you disagreed with my article and again no apology. Third, you claim to not know why I said “Nah, chief I kept them all up I wanted the world to see the racist, disrespectful, and cowardly comments that have been "spewed" my way for saying a wr was not top five.” Ignorance is a choice and it appears you have chosen it.

    Now after calling me classless, ignorant, and accusing me of deleting your comment you want to have a conversation about the merits of an article. My man I am not that forgiving.

    If you are serious then do what men do and admit you were wrong on the same page you made the accusations on.

  • Tiger Hebert posted 2254 days ago

    Tiger Hebert

    Not sure where the racism bit comes in, but anyways.

    Wallace, Jackson, Rice and yes even Dwayne Bowe are all talented in their own respective skill sets. They also have played on teams with more talent than anything CJ played with in the prior seasons. The same can be said for Larry. I am not taking anything away from those guys, they all have great skill sets.

    Wallace and DJax can take the cover off the top of the defense with pure speed and separation.

    Bowe and Rice use their body and leaping ability better than most in the league. Calvin does all of it, while being an excellent run blocker, and he has improved his route running vastly in the last couple years. Regardless of the era of the sport, if we look at players and evaluate them solely on their statistical accomplishments we are missing so much.

    You pointed out that during a year when the Lions went 0-16 and the Cards were 1 play away from winning the Super Bowl, that Larry Fitzgerald had a better year?

    Yes, Fitz has a higher catch rating in 3 of those 4 years. But it was only 1 of those 4 years that he did not have a good quarterback. That is my whole point. You said in your article that saying CJ had no one to throw him the ball was an excuse, but I completely disagree. You can clearly see that Fitzgerald's worst season in terms of catch % was the year when he had no legitimate QB throwing him the ball. Something Calvin has essentially dealt with for the majority of his career.

    The Lions finally have a competent team and QB and we are finally seeing Calvin reach his potential. I don't think you have to be a Lions fan to see that.

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2254 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Here is my response since you had such a hard time locating it. Its right between Jeremy Reid and Sean Rivera

    --First Mike Wallace, DeSean Jackson, Sidney Rice, and Dwayne Bowe all face 2 or 3 defenders does that make them top 5? So that was your first asinine statement. Any number one wr faces multiple defenders, again asinine.

    --Second, one would have to watch the game first to establish whether or not he is a top wr. After watching the game you realize he falls short in some critical facets of the position, you than check the numbers to see if there is validity to your assessment. Hold up there is. In four years he has never posted back to back thousand yards seasons. Hold up in four years he has never had more than 80 receptions. Hold up in four years he has just FOUR MULITPLE TOUCHDOWN GAMES, which is one less than Dwayne Bowe who had five just last season. Second asinine statement, I usually stop at two but I have a feeling you need more convincing.

    --Another last year argument combined with an I don’t do research comment that’s very original. Lets combine your last three statements here champ. Using just your statistic and just the two players you mentioned.

    08: Fitz – targets 168/catch rate 57%/catches 96
    CJ – targets 164/catch rate 47%/catches 78

    09 Fitz – targets 153/catch rate 63%/ catches 97
    CJ – targets 136/ catch rate 49%/ catches 67

    10 Fitz – targets 173/ catch rate 52%/ catches 90
    CJ – targets 137/ catch rate 56%/ catches 77

    11 Fitz –targets 43/ catch rate 62%/ catches 27
    CJ – targets 47/ catch rate 61%/ catches 29

    So in four years your man has a higher catch rate once and I threw in this year for good measure. Two out of three years Fitz crushed your man that is the difference between top 5 and very good. Fitz has a bad year and is still right there. New quarterback no offseason it doesn’t matter Fitz is still right there. Receiver vs Athlete. This would make your third asinine statement.

    --I don’t give away my sources, look it up chief.

    --Since we are giving advice, you should remove that plug you have at the bottom of your comment since all you have here is a personal attack and a very poor attempt at proving a point. Take a few journalism classes at your local community college and then in a few years attack someone else on B/R. Maybe at that point you will understand the difference between phenomenal athlete and best at their profession. Fourth asinine statement, you clowns are really boring.

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2254 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Noticed your list of favorite writers, why am I not surprised.

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2254 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    First of all thats not what you said in your comment and second of all its still there genius. You have scroll down to the bottom of the comments. You clowns get worse and worse. You have the audacity to use the word "classy" when you said I was spewing ignorance come on cat?

    500 plus of the most vile and unnecessary personal attacks and you think yours was the one I choose to delete. Nah, chief I kept them all up I wanted the world to see the racist, disrespectful, and cowardly comments that have been "spewed" my way for saying a wr was not top five.

    Thanks again for showing your intelligence. Classy, child please.

  • Bradlee Ross posted 2276 days ago

    Bradlee Ross

    Hey thanks for the comment and for becoming a fan!