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Proud native of southeastern Louisiana and seven-year resident of Jackson, MS.

Graduated from Millsaps College in 2005.

Was in the Superdome for the post-Katrina re-opening in 2006.

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  • Alyson Baxter posted 2946 days ago

    Alyson Baxter

    Thanks for the heads up! I'm not scared, althouth I'm not sure he's doing that well handling an opinionated and somewhat intelligent FEMALE Tennessee fan... time will tell I guess, cause I'm not going anywhere!

    Thanks again!! :-)

  • Bleacher Report posted 3113 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    2 winning seasons in ten years and no playoff wins... Find a worse squad...

  • Bleacher Report posted 3114 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Michael, appreciate your response, but the Saints were bad in the 90's. Gotta win a playoff game to conclude anything other.

    1990 1990 NFL NFC West 2nd 8 8 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Bears) 16-6
    1991 1991 NFL NFC West 1st 11 5 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Falcons) 27-20
    1992 1992 NFL NFC West 2nd 12 4 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Eagles) 36-20
    1993 1993 NFL NFC West 2nd 8 8 0
    1994 1994 NFL NFC West 2nd 7 9 0
    1995 1995 NFL NFC West 5th 7 9 0
    1996 1996 NFL NFC West 5th 3 13 0
    1997 1997 NFL NFC West 3rd 6 10 0
    1998 1998 NFL NFC West 3rd 6 10 0
    1999 1999 NFL NFC West 5th 3 13 0

  • Josh Vitale posted 3252 days ago

    Josh Vitale

    hey michael,

    I just wanted to tell you that I read both your BCS articles, and that I loved both of them. I think it is plainly obvious that the NCAA must do something to change this system, whether they just improve it or scrap it. I myself am writing an article now about a college playoff that would keep most of the bowls intact, yet still let the champion be decided in a single game elimination tourney. I'll send you the link when i finish it up.

  • Carson Howell posted 3257 days ago

    Carson Howell

    If the SEC is not the best...than who is?

    The BIG-12 went out the window with the ever-so-powerful BIG-12 south's performance....
    Ole miss and UF hold TT and OU to WELL under there averages..oh yea and they outscored them too..
    Texas would have lost that game if it weren't for Beanie not playing the 2nd....

    So clearly, just considering the heads up battles, the SEC proves superior to the BIG-12.....

    so who's better than the SEC?

    Utah proved to be a better team than Bama.....but do you honestly think they are better than UF?
    Just ask yourself: If they were playing tomorrow, with a large sum of money on the line(or whatever), would you really take Utah straight up?...I don't think you would....

    Just wondering?

  • Justin Goar posted 3300 days ago

    Justin  Goar


    hi, my name is justin and i'm the LSU football community leader. if you have any questions please feel free to ask. go tigers!!!