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Brian Leigh is 23 years old, a film school graduate, a New York City resident, a member of the FWAA, and the On-call College Football Writer at Bleacher Report.

Beyond journalism and publishing, he's also interested in the entertainment industry, and is the proud author of three unfinished, deeply flawed screenplays.

Feel free to drop him a line here, email him at, or follow him on Twitter @BLeighDAT

You can also find him at his diary -- er, online blog, where he'll post occasional short fiction and random thoughts about nothing.

Sorry in advance if you click there.

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  • Max Slone posted 16 hours ago

    Max Slone

    You're 100% correct on it being crazy to vote Motley for ACC POY, but the shot at Loeffler was unnecessary when his specialty is known for developing QBs.

  • daniel magnuson posted 26 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    when are you retiring ????? seriously though

  • J D posted 55 days ago

    J D

    Keep national Signing day. Protects the athlete. Gives him time to think and plan.

  • daniel magnuson posted 55 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    ur one of the worst writers on bleacher report

  • Philip Krouse posted 55 days ago

    Philip Krouse

    Please verify this for me. I just read the article about Kahil McKenzie and wondered about something in it. You said that Kahil's dad is Reggie McKenzie who works for the Oakland Raiders. I thought or I'm sure that Reggie was an All-American at the University of Michigan so why the implying that he went to Tennessee?

  • corey Mutchler posted 62 days ago

    corey Mutchler

    only two active quarterbacks have started 12 or more regular season games without a loss: Everett Golson and Jameis Winston, INCORRECT ....Golson only started 11 games in the reg season as he sat out the BYU game due to a concussion the previous week

  • Smauck Man posted 70 days ago

    Smauck Man

    This guy doesn't even have any real experience in sports or journalism... he came out of film school... just stop writing CFB please help everyone out.

  • corey barrett posted 75 days ago

    corey barrett

    Auburn has not claimed 5 titles. Would be nice if you fixed your incorrect article with Marcellos follow up tweets where he contacted Auburn and clarified that they still only claim 2 titles.

  • Don Julio posted 83 days ago

    Don Julio

    "as his most recent arrest for stealing crab legs" Jameis Winston has never been arrested, get your facts straight, bro

  • daniel magnuson posted 133 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    ur knowledge of CFB is laughable