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  • Jason Rhodes posted 2225 days ago

    Jason Rhodes

    Hi Zach,

    I enjoyed your article on Paterno. According to, Sandusky was running the Sandusky Football Camp (an overnight camp) on Penn State campuses around the state as recently as 2009. It has also been reported that Sandusky was accompanied by one of his victims to a preseason game in 2007. Apparently he was confident there was nothing to fear about being seen with children at football events by Paterno, McQueary, or others who'd been informed about what McQueary saw in 2002. I think this is a crucial part of the story. I find it hard to believe that Paterno would be unaware that his former defensive coordinator was running a high-profile, overnight football camp at Penn State. At some point this has to become criminal negligence. The head football coach, the athletic director, and the university president are all aware that there was a trusted eye-witness to an act of child molestation, but they not only fail to call the police, but allow the predator to continue to use the prestige of the university as a means of placing children under his charge. If Paterno and the others who were informed of the 2002 incident were aware of the football camps, then it seems that a line has been crossed from an unspeakable failure to act to actually enabling the crimes of a pedophile.

    --Jason Rhodes