I am a former NASCAR Featured Columnist who has also completed the Copy Editing Internship here at Bleacher Report. When the long hours of work associated with the oil boom in North Dakota became too much, it was time to renounce my stint as a Featured Columnist.

Still, I maintain my alacrity for NASCAR racing and catch every race. Thank goodness for DVR!

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  • John Rozum posted 962 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks for the edits bro, much appreciated

  • Matthew Snyder posted 962 days ago

    Matthew Snyder

    Appreciate the edits and feedback, David.

  • Giulio Romano posted 962 days ago

    Giulio Romano

    Wow that was quick! Thanks for the comments and edits.

  • Shalaj Lawania posted 996 days ago

    Shalaj Lawania

    Hmm, will do that. What about publishing again?

  • Shalaj Lawania posted 996 days ago

    Shalaj Lawania

    Hey David! Thanks for the edit, but could you do me a favour?
    I wish to get that article deleted. It's not that there's anything wrong with it, but I just wish to rewrite it. Could you make that happen?

  • John Rozum posted 1002 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks once again for the edits bro

  • Craig Horton posted 1003 days ago

    Craig Horton

    Thanks for the compliments and editing. Good job.

  • John Rozum posted 1010 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks for the edits david and the FC4 props, much appreciated

  • Bob Warja posted 1011 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Thanks for the grammar reminder and the edit David.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1014 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks for the edits, David.