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Greg Couch


Greg Couch also writes for the New York Times. He was formerly a scribe for and the Chicago Sun-Times.

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  • Jacob Cason posted 722 days ago

    Jacob Cason

    Serena article......I just can't

  • Mark P posted 753 days ago

    Mark P

    You are a hack and 10 times worse than Mixon himself... He was suspended stayed away from all football contact.. paid his dues... and just cuz he didn't speak to the likes of YOU and your kind you attack him, an 18 yr old kid when it happened... He was told by his legal counsel not to say anything... The Orange Bowl made the ground rules.. not mention the incident took place a year and a half ago... Have you ever heard of Jalen Mills?? Starting Safety for LSU... He knocked a female OUT totally unprovoked in May 2014... he never missed a game.. no punishment.. he played in last nights Texas Bowl... Where were you during the Texas Bowl media session??? Why are the likes of you trashing Mixon when others have done the exact same if not worse and have suffered no consequences at all??? Mills wasn't as convenient? not playing in the CFP.. not worth as many clicks...??

    Oh.. you also 'write' for NYTimes... figures

  • j l posted 754 days ago

    j l

    The OU AD is on record that mixons lawyer told him not to address the incident, as there is still a civil case pending.

    How do you write an entire article about it, and dont even know why he wouldnt answer questions about it.

    You "guess" thats the reason why, yet didnt even properly research what you were writing about?

    Nice "journalism".

  • David Cole posted 766 days ago

    David Cole

    So you really think Michigan St is going to beat Bama this year? After last years game sounds like Bama will be focused and best of all no major Injuries. You do remember the last time these 2 teams meet in a Bowl? Instead of the Capital One Bowl it should have been called the Capital Punishment Bowl. I am sure the game will not play out like that, but 2 TD win is certainly not out of the question.

  • Suko Blyat Blyat posted 787 days ago

    Suko Blyat Blyat

    righte bettr artikels pls

  • Benjamin Hess posted 796 days ago

    Benjamin Hess

    You and his narratives, Mr. Couch...Oy!

    "Keep in mind: The great spread teams that revolutionized the game the past couple of years...have not actually ever won a title."

    It pains me to come to their defense, but I bet Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow would enthusiastically disagree with that statement, Mr. Couch. After all, they ran the spread effectively enough in 2006 and 2008 to win two titles!

  • Stephen B. posted 796 days ago

    Stephen B.

    Your quote from the CFP Pr Problem article:

    "Keep in mind: The great spread teams that revolutionized the game the past couple of years—Auburn, Oregon, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, TCU and Baylor—have not actually ever won a title. They are the ones with something to prove."

    Except that Auburn won the title in 2010 and Texas A&M has 3 championships.
    Come on dude, fact check.

  • Benjamin Hess posted 801 days ago

    Benjamin Hess

    "The narrative we built..."

    With all due respect, perhaps journalists should stop "building narratives" and devote more effort to questioning the veracity of the antagonist's claims and reporting the facts, whether they agree with the politics at the root of the story or not.

  • Steve Schmidt posted 1076 days ago

    Steve Schmidt

    Very interesting reading the other comments on here. One could easily get the impression that you, Mr. Couch, are not a serious journalist, but rather a lazy, uncreative, vindictive mud-slinger that likes to pile on, even after the 'story" is stale and over-reported. How about getting a real job and not capitalize on other people's humanness. You must be a real joy at home.

  • Michael Stephenson posted 1076 days ago

    Michael Stephenson

    Your article about Petrino pulling Matt Colburn's scholarship offer is a piece of garbage full of untruths and misinformation. For starters, Petrino did not "pull" the offer, he asked Colburn to take a grayshirt which simply means coming in one semester later ON SCHOLARSHIP and counting towards the next years class. It is not a whole lot different than redshirting, other than you start school one semester later. No way a guy of Colburn's talent would have seen the field for Louisville next year anyway. The grayshirt offer did not ruin his future. That is nothing but hyperbole garbage.

    Where is the article about the player Nick Saban asked to grayshirt at the last minute? You do say this goes on at other schools, but offer exactly zero examples in you zest to trash Petrino.

    Why is it that you sports writes so often take the easy way out, and pile onto what you perceive as an easy target? Its mindless journalism at its worst.

    Further...your article is full of mistruths and outright fabrications about Petrino's past. Since all you care about is doing a garbage hatchet job on the guy, and obviously do not care about getting facts right, I am not going to go into detail on all the mistakes in the piece (of crap). But I will mention the most blatant fabrication you made of Petrino "pushing" for Auburn to fire Tuberville. Nothing of the sort happned, nor has anything remotely resembling that ever been claimed or reported. Auburn came after Petrino. That is a known fact by everybody.

    Its ironic that you trash Petrino's character and integrity, yet show a complete lack of integrity in writing this article.

    You sir, are a first class jerk.