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  • Toommy Saltamachia posted 2201 days ago

    Toommy  Saltamachia


  • Syed Ahmed posted 2220 days ago

    Syed Ahmed

    What is your site called ?

  • Syed Ahmed posted 2220 days ago

    Syed Ahmed

    what is our site called ?

  • Will Dennis posted 2302 days ago

    Will Dennis

    Hey I have been away for a little bit but I went to your site and I loved it! I signed up for it and try to write for it. By the way this is Will Danielson. I forgot my old password since I didn't use it for like 2 months.

  • Tyler Lambert posted 2344 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Just sent an email! Hope to hear back soon!

  • Ryan Crandall posted 2346 days ago

    Ryan Crandall

    You have a pretty nice site there Malcolm. I would like to see more people on it, and it would be a lot more enjoyable.

  • Ryan Crandall posted 2347 days ago

    Ryan Crandall

    Hi Malcolm,

    I just recieved your message. I would enjoy to be a moderator; although, I'm not really the writer type, more as a commenter with a few short words.

    I sure do know more about the NBA than most people, but I'm not sure if this would make a problem.

    I signed up for your website eitherway... as the name Kamanchu.

  • Mark SJ posted 2348 days ago

    Mark SJ


  • Nathan Skinner posted 2349 days ago

    Nathan Skinner

    Thanks for the proposal, but I think I'll have to decline only because it might get in the way of my school/work. I love commenting on the B/R and debating with people but doing a regular article post on your site might just be too time consuming. I really just have been doing it to pass the time during the summer while I am waiting for school to start back up. I really would love to be a mod but I feel as if it'd be just like another job. That's kind of why I don't write articles on B/R, I just debate and agree with people for the fun of it. Thanks again though.

  • Patrick Yaghoobians posted 2349 days ago

    Patrick Yaghoobians

    Hi Malcolm,

    I have recently been inquired about your new website “swooshnation”. I love the design and flow of the website, and was wondering if you would need some extra writers for the site. If you see, I write mainly about the Toronto Raptors, but I have a vast knowledge of the NBA as a league and could without a doubt, write about every team, the draft, hall of fame induction, all-star game, etc.

    Please contact me about this.

    Thank you :)