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Lets Just say my name in fantasy sports every year is... "Parade in P-town 09" ect. HUGE Blazer fan, but not irrational. I also love the Mariners & Seahawks, I'm what you would call a sports junkie or pretender.... (I try to educate my self on almost ever sport someone is ready to talk about.) I find bleacher report a fun place to voice my opinion and debate a passionate subject.

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  • Keith Schlosser posted 2904 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    Could Tracy McGrady be on his way to New York?

  • Blaine Spence posted 3039 days ago

    Blaine Spence


    Shining A light on Rojo Grande and the Track and Field Community (Athletics) my own way!

    Here is one of my Rojo favorites:

    Also, check out Rojo’s Round up covering the World Championships in Berlin this weekend!

    And please join the Track and Field Section! We would love to have you!

  • Daniel K posted 3135 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hi Jeff, how are you? I saw one of your comments on "A.I. May Be The Best Player In The NBA Today To Yet Win A Championship".

    You agree with most of what the writer claims, disclude that Iverson is better than Kobe. But you do agree that he infact is better than CP3, Prince James (hehe, just dont think he is as good as people state), Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitski, Baron Davis, Chris Bosh, Yao Ming, VC, T-Mac, and more. In no way do I disgaree, but just to ask for fun;
    What is your ranking of say the 5-25 best NBA players?
    Where does Iverson stand?
    I just thought that you seemed to understand The Answer better than some others (mostly the haters or non-basketball intellects). People ate kicking AI for his well, subpar season compared to what he truly is capable of, instead of giving him credit for going through the whole annoying process he never even asked to be in. All of a sudden people act like he is washed up and done, no longer a star. But I definately still consider him a superstar, in his prime, top 1-7 player (depending on how he is utilzied by the team). So I jsut wanted to see your take if you can. If not, I understand, I hope to see a response, but if not, I'll see you around Bleacher, bye!

  • Martin Johnson posted 3156 days ago

    Martin Johnson

    What is the best rivalry in sports history? Although I don't know the answer to that question, I did carefully look over the Bird/Magic rivalry. I wrote an article about it and I think you would like it.

  • Kelsey Parsons posted 3161 days ago

    Kelsey Parsons

    Still waiting on an article from you! Oh and how about those Blazers ;)


  • Red Shannon posted 3195 days ago

    Red Shannon

    Thanks for the fan pick, Jeff.
    Go Blazers!

    Now get in there and write something for us.

  • Kelsey Parsons posted 3196 days ago

    Kelsey Parsons

    Thanks for backing me up Jeff. Clearly some people don't understand that this is not meant to be a place of prize winning articles.

  • Old Account posted 3196 days ago

    Old Account

    During these times in baseball, there has been so much negativity regarding the steroid era, nothing exciting to talk about. I think its time to talk about one of the biggest icons to ever play the game and how he is still impacting baseball in his retirement.