Ryan Dilbert is Bleacher Report's WWE Lead Writer and has been writing for the site since 2011.
He is the author of Time Crumbling like a Wet Cracker (No Record Press 2011). His writing has appeared in McSweeney's Internet Tendency, SmokeLong Quarterly, Lit N Image and Best of the Web 2009.
Raised in the Cayman Islands, he now lives in Houston, Texas with a spazzy dog and his wonderful wife and daughter.
You can catch him saying semi-humorous things on Twitter from time to time @ryandilbert

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  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton


  • hoa cuoi posted 18 days ago

    hoa cuoi

    thank for your news

  • Randy Norton posted 23 days ago

    Randy Norton


  • Randy Norton posted 23 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Comments are deleted and that includes old and new.

  • Randy Norton posted 23 days ago

    Randy Norton

    I'm sick of seen half of my comments deleted

  • Randy Norton posted 24 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Please bring back the old comments section.

  • Sandra Kay Kolano posted 28 days ago

    Sandra Kay Kolano

    Your an idiot brie Bella will win AND she is very talented unlike you

  • Paul Heyman posted 29 days ago

    Paul  Heyman

    I'm still curious as to why the WWE didn't do a CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan 1 hour Iron Man match. That could rival Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels as the best Iron Man match in WWE history.

    Also, on WrestleMania Rewind tonight they were talking about E&C vs Dudley's vs Hardy's. I've been thinking about this. The only 6 guys that would be able to recreate anything close to what they did would be Ambrose & Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston & Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk & Daniel Bryan. Thoughts?

  • Gautam Marwah posted 29 days ago

    Gautam Marwah

    Here you go mate!
    The article isn't detailed enough, but it gives you a standard vision for further speculation.

  • Gautam Marwah posted 34 days ago

    Gautam Marwah

    I once read an article on Yahoo! where they were speculating on what would have happened if Brian Pillman would not have passed away and would have been a part of the Attitude Era. What are your views on that?

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