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Ryan Dilbert is Bleacher Report's WWE Lead Writer and has been writing for the site since 2011.
He is the author of Time Crumbling like a Wet Cracker (No Record Press 2011). His writing has appeared in McSweeney's Internet Tendency, SmokeLong Quarterly, Lit N Image and Best of the Web 2009.
Raised in the Cayman Islands, he now lives in Houston, Texas with a spazzy dog and his wonderful wife and daughter.
You can catch him saying semi-humorous things on Twitter from time to time @ryandilbert

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  • Quike Gdmz-Cisneros posted 1 day ago

    Quike Gdmz-Cisneros

    Hello Ryan I just read your article about what the WWE can learn from Lucha Underground. I've seen the product and I've been a Wrestling fan since I was 6 years old (Im 32 now). I agree with the originality, the fresh product development, the background stories on the characters, and the commentary are exceptional but there is something that is off and sometimes more than ethnocentric to other wrestling fans, a few examples would be the fact that the show aside from the cinematic vignettes which are amazing in production and "story telling" still have the feeling a soap opera not unlike what can be seen on Univision or other Latino programming, additionally while the fans are surely enthusiastic there are often very offensive chants being shouted but the fans that other Americans from Latino ethnicity do not use or even find very offensive, for example lately they've been chanting "Culero" when they don't like something which is the most derogatory form of the word homosexual in English (sort of the like the epithet that starts with F when referring to gay people). Additionally much of the story is completely Mexican centric, from Konan's LA's english slang and his "bilingual" lexicon which are just Mexican expressions, to the fact that the "owner" is a Spaniard with a very thick accent, I don't find it offensive but rather very stereotypical and for a product which is amazingly fresh, entertaining and promising (with much potential) if it wants to get out of LA and expand into a serious alternative to WWE it must adapts its multicultural identity to include Puerto Rican traditionalists, perhaps more European based wrestlers as well as some Japanese wrestlers (not to mention indie darlings). The actual champion is not even Mexican (which is okay for story telling purposes) but he is still billed as a descendent of Aztec Warriors. WWE may not have this angle on their side due to the size of their corporation and range of their audience but LU can create something fresh, entertaining and equal (or better than the Titan giants) while diversifying its foundation. I watched some Lucha Libre (AAA and the other varieties) as a kid, even being born and growing up in the US, (I am Latino but not Mexican) and while I did like it, very little compared or compares to WWE (WWF in those days). In essence I wish these comments can be pointed out in one of your articles, I am not oblivious to the fact that the majority of Latinos in the US are Mexican or of Mexican descendent however all through Latin America for decades WWE and WCW in its heyday was immensely popular. For the sake of of fans who decide to entertain our busy lives with the kayfabe world of wrestling, while we don't like WWE to insult our intelligence we also would not like Lucha to force feed a product that is ethnocentric because the fans will catch on and soon enough all they're going have at their studio will not be the mixed fan base that I imagine that they wish to build, I see the potential or a bigger network picking them up but not if they narrow not only their roster but also marginalized their audience. And for the record I watch and I am highly entertained.

  • bruce wayne posted 2 days ago

    bruce wayne

    ryan your articles are getting better day by day ... they are awesome near to perfection ..keep the good work up mate

  • Austin Smith posted 5 days ago

    Austin Smith

    Cena Watches The "Bacholer" Sign from Raw had thousands of tweets last night .. Message me if you want full story.

  • Kyle Fellela posted 11 days ago

    Kyle Fellela

  • Chinmay posted 33 days ago


    Thanks man. Appreciate the kind words.

    I'd be honest, I only read your, Tom Clark's and Doctor's articles. I directly go to archives instead of the front page. old habits.

    I shall check out new writers.

    In my own case, I don't have writer's privileges anymore. And I don't think even if I get them back, I will be able to write consistently. So haven't tried to reapply.

  • Chinmay posted 33 days ago


    Hey, didn't know you became lead writer for the section. Congrats.

    I still read your and Chris's (Doctor) quite regularly. Always enjoyed it.

  • Kraig Etzel posted 33 days ago

    Kraig Etzel

    Hey Ryan - great work lately (not contrasted to previously, but I am a newer reader). Regarding your piece about Ambrose's piling up losses, though - the crowd was booing every time Dean kicked out of Wyatt's pins. They seemed to want Bray to go over, but they all love Ambrose so much. I don't actually think his losses make much difference because of how good of a show he puts on. If it weren't for your clip of his PPV record, I wouldn't have had any idea. Just a thought. - Kraig

  • Mark Sullivan posted 34 days ago

    Mark Sullivan

    Hi Ryan, really enjoyed reading your wrestling articles this week very good stuff. Would ye consider writing one about whether ye think Roman Reigns should stay a face or become a heel? Be interesting to see your thoughts about that.

  • Kane's 40 Eliminations posted 37 days ago

    Kane's 40 Eliminations

    Mine was Arrival 2 followed by REvolution. Favourite match was Wyatt vs Shield at EC.
    Great choice as well.

  • I am a Paige Guy posted 38 days ago

    I am a Paige Guy

    There's a troll using my name. Could you PLEASE do something about that.

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