Ryan Dilbert is Bleacher Report's WWE Lead Writer and has been writing for the site since 2011.
He is the author of Time Crumbling like a Wet Cracker (No Record Press 2011). His writing has appeared in McSweeney's Internet Tendency, SmokeLong Quarterly, Lit N Image and Best of the Web 2009.
Raised in the Cayman Islands, he now lives in Houston, Texas with a spazzy dog and his wonderful wife and daughter.
You can catch him saying semi-humorous things on Twitter from time to time @ryandilbert

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  • Tobey Keddy posted 19 days ago

    Tobey  Keddy

    You should do your nxt ranking articles, for all of wwe,lucha underground, nxt and tna and rank the top 20 male wrestlers and top 10 women's wrestlers. You don't have to do all those promotions and you could pick what ones you want but just rank males wrestler and diva wrestlers in all of pro wrestling

  • Tobey Keddy posted 19 days ago

    Tobey  Keddy

    you should do your nxt prospect rankings, for the main roster and rang the top 20 supstars and top 10 divas or like overall rankings like nxt/ wwe/tna/lucha underground. It would be awesome

  • Scorched Earth posted 27 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    Same here,Indeed we will.

  • Randy Norton posted 27 days ago

    Randy Norton

    If Drew Carey got in then there is no reason why the Bushwackers shouldn't be in it. Not everybody are of the class of the Road Warriors , Four Horseman etc.........

  • King of Win posted 27 days ago

    King of Win

    Bushwackers shouldn't be in the hall of fame and devalues the hall of fame in WWE?

    Get fucked you hipster faggot.
    Do not write about wrestling if you have no idea about anything within it.

    Bushwackers were one of the greatest teams of all time.

    Grow up.


  • Scorched Earth posted 29 days ago

    Scorched Earth

    Hello Ryan,Completely agree with you 1000%,On your article,Examining Ways WWE Showcase Divas Division,Still Perplexed about how Stephanie McMahon allows her Father to wreck the Divas Division on the weekly basis,IMHO,Triple H should be in charge of Creative and the Women Division.

  • James Snow posted 32 days ago

    James Snow

    Hey Ryan, just read your Fastlane Grades and Reaction article. You're a hell of a writer and you have a great mind for the business. So how much did Vince McMahon pay you to write your analysis about the last match on the card? Was it a good match? Yes, largely due to Bryan. Did the storyline work well? Yes absolutely. But could you look ahead for a second and maybe just maybe speak your mind and tell the world that Daniel Bryan is a much better catch-as-catch-can wrestler and has a larger fanbase? I mean dude I saw a sign that said "Beat that hippie" Is that the type of fans that Roman Reigns is going to acquire. Intellectually devoid individuals that still think women belong in the kitchen?

    Ok I get that you gain nothing from getting into a verbal altercation with me. But could you please answer this question with all seriousness:

    Which is a better match: Lesnar vs Reigns or Lesnar vs Bryan?

    I beg you to say Reigns vs Lesnar and I hope to God that you have some rational reasons. Honestly I don't think a wrestling fan can make an argument for Reigns and Lesnar being better than Bryan vs Lesnar. But hey let's see what you got.

    My name is James Snow and I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism from VCU. Your turn brother. Feel free not to respond, if I were you I sure as hell wouldn't. Mostly cause Vince wouldn't like that.

  • Superman Reigns One Versus All posted 36 days ago

    Superman Reigns One Versus All

    It's been a long time coming, but it's time, Dilbert you have earned me as a Fan, love your work!

  • WWE Bootista posted 39 days ago

    WWE Bootista

    Can you make an article of WWE wrestlers who needs to be pushed and why which includes Cesaro, Big E, Damien and all the divas

  • Twinkle Toes Rusev posted 46 days ago

    Twinkle Toes Rusev

    Hey ryan, really admire your work. Keep it up!!
    Anyways, have you thought about making a list of the ten best video packages of all time?
    I dont think anyone has made such an article and id really like to see your take on it.

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