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  • soccer livescore posted 94 days ago

    soccer livescore

    Winter snow storms Hockey is without a doubt one sport which can be played across the country in distinctive regions. It is able to combine the structure crushing checks considering the gracefulness in sliding on the ice.

  • Johnny Newman posted 218 days ago

    Johnny Newman

    Mike I just wanted to say I love your devotion to A&M football. I hope you keep up the excellent work. I can't say how much I love reading about the aggies. Thank you.

  • Jon Boaz posted 456 days ago

    Jon Boaz

    Hello Michael - Great writing. How about an article on the benefits of Ed Orgeron to Texas A&M as defensive coordinator. Defensive Line....Louisiana recruiting....

  • JJ85 Reveille posted 610 days ago

    JJ85 Reveille

    I'm hearing the NCAA is dropping the Manziel investigation.

  • Roll Tears posted 641 days ago

    Roll Tears

    Great writer, keep up the good work!

  • roger andrews posted 904 days ago

    roger andrews

    howdy michael - responding here instead of on the post (Why Perfect Storm of Talent, Coach & League Have Ags Rolling) - it was an excellent article and i always look forward each new one you post - i said one sided not in a derogatory sense, but as a response to your question - it was an positive article and as such did not get much into negatives of the program

    guess some might rank me as a 2 %, but i want them to win as much as anyone else - i guess i just see too much reliance on the johnny football aspect, and too little on team football - i might not have fully explained what im trying to say, but when i said "theres nothing wrong with confidence in your teams abilities to compete" i mean they should expect to win every game, prepare as if they are going to win, and play like they are going to win every game

  • Carl Vogel posted 921 days ago

    Carl Vogel

    losers and winner vs LA Tech? I need my story lol

  • Kyle Fields posted 947 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    I posted this to my own wall instead of yours...It's the Aggie in me ;)

    No problem on the "fan" front! Nice job!

  • kyle heims posted 956 days ago

    kyle  heims

    seeing as your a big aggie fan wanted to know if you could write about the Texas player who said Darrel k royal was not loud and that kyle field was great . hope u write it

  • John Thierwechter posted 1006 days ago

    John Thierwechter

    Very much enjoyed reading your comments on Penn State. It's nice to see a sane, rational voice out there. Thank you.

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