Eric Freeman, Jr.

Eric Freeman, Jr.


As a New Orleans-raised LSU graduate, I bleed black and gold, and purple. And more gold.

In high school, I was the sports editor of my school's newspaper, The Greenie. After graduating from Isidore Newman High School—alma mater of the brothers Manning—I moved to LSU, instantly becoming a nut for LSU football and baseball while pursuing my Bachelor's in Political Science. While there I did opinion columns and live-blogging for The Daily Reveille.

Lifelong devotee/sufferer of the New Orleans Saints (thank you, SB XLIV) and Chicago Cubs, so I know pain and triumph, and more pain.

Baseball was life. And I was good at it. Real good.

The rest comes later.

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  • Jacob Moore posted 2259 days ago

    Jacob Moore

    Howdy Eric enjoyed reading your article predicting the Bowl Games for the 2011-2012 Season. HOWEVER, you got ONE PREDICTION VERY, VERY WRONG!!! (btw that isn't mean to be yelling at you, just wanted it to stand out is all) Seeing as I am the Biggest Oregon Duck Fanatic living in the State of Idaho (Yep that's right ILMD & BSU SUCKS)'s rather obvious that my belief is that once we rock Stanford this week and win the Pac-12 Championship on Dec 3rd there will be three scenarios involving Oregon and the 'Natty again this year Scenario #1 Oregon will likely be having a rematch with LSU and this time we will be ready for all that the Tigers have to throw at us! 2nd Scenario LSU gets beaten by someone (doesn't matter who) and 'Bama loses the SEC Championship (or one of their remaining games, the latter just seems less likely) therefore we would play either the Sooners or the Cowboys in the AllState Bowl in "Nah-Lens" (this scenario would be preferential to #1 ONLY because playing Bama or LSU in New Orleans is as close to playing those teams at a neutral location as was the Oregon-LSU Opener at Jerry World!! Lastly the 3rd Scenario would be that for whatever reason all of the above with LSU, and BAMA being out of the running happens and then OK & OK State screw the pooch and are out of it also...HMM KNOW WHAT DO WE DO?? PUTTING A 2 LOSS TEAM IN THE 'NATTY WOULD BE A as I see it the voters would have two choices: a) Rematch between Stanford & Oregon (No Thanks...Ducks stomped 'em at home in Palo Alto and no one in the south wants to see The Cardinal ripped up by a duck all over again! Which brings us to choise (that's on purpose) #2 GIVE THE PEOPLE BE IT AS REE-DONK-U-LUS AS IT MAY..WHAT THEY WANT! Put Boise State in the National Championship and allow Oregon who has developed a pretty strong rivalry between BSU over the last few years (specially if ur a Duck living in the Bronco's Corral aka Idaho) to shut every last BSU fan up once and for all!!!

    Again Eric please take no offense to my comment...these are just the perspective of every Duck fan out there...well the fact that Oregon deserves to go to the Championship more than Alabama part anyways...the rest of it "just flowed out as I typed"


  • Bruce Garwood posted 2260 days ago

    Bruce Garwood

    Hey, Eric, I'm back...
    No defense against Iowa? Against ECarolina 27 of the points were defensive points,held SMU to just three points, etc. Give the Eagle defense a hug!

  • Bruce Garwood posted 2260 days ago

    Bruce Garwood

    Hey, Eric, what makes you think USM can't beat Houston and play in the Liberty Bowl?