I feel like Kobe is under appreciated, the greatest player of his era, arguably the greatest offensive player, the greatest foot work and skill of any guard to ever play this game, makes players better. And I'm not joking. Gasol and Odom were not half the players they are now before they joined Bryant's teams. Fisher and Ariza have made a career out of Bryant working and creating open shots for them.
And to those of you who say he rode Shaq for the 3-peat, go watch those games. Watch Shaq's free throw shooting. Shaq before Kobe went to the finals and got DESTROYED by Hakeem Olajuwon. Shaq needed KOBE to win. Kobe was amazing, consistently destroying Western conference foes and absolutely dominating on guys like Doug Christie, Scottie Pippen, and Bruce Bowen in the playoffs.
Kobe in his absolute prime carried Kwame Brown, Smush Parker, and Luke Walton to the playoffs and almost upset Steve Nash and the GREAT Suns back in the day. Was the BEST player on 3 straight finals teams, had multiple great playoff and finals performances, and some BIG shots. One of the most fun players to watch when his shot is going.
As of right now, Kobe is still dominating the league, and still up there among the best young players like Lebron, Carmelo, Durant, Wade, CP3, Westbrook, Rose, etc. He's 34, and is averaging 29+ PPG on 48% shooting as a GUARD. I'd like to see Lebron still dominate the league when his athleticism's gone.

To me, Kobe's still the best, and he really needs to be appreciated more to all these young fans who think Durant and Lebron are the best of the best. Anyone who got to see Kobe during the championship years and in his prime will understand how I feel and agree with me that KOBE BRYANT IS THE MAN.

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  • Kobe Beef posted 2017 days ago

    Kobe Beef

    Yeah bro, but he had a horrible shooting game against the Kings yesterday. Morris surprisingly stepped it up, but I don't really like him..I didn't like that Sacre guy we picked up but homeboy ended up having a double double last game so idk. haha

    DJO needs to step up!