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  • Kevin McGrady posted 2281 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I am not trying to convince you of anything, nor will that ever be a goal. My point is that Penn State is absolutely awful this year and not worthy of consideration as a reputable opponent.

    This is simply a fact as I see it. I do not care what others think of my opinion, they simply are what they are. If I were attempting to write comments or articles that were based on the premise of persuading (propaganda) or agreeing with (appeasement) fans, then there would be no reason for me to write at all.

    I write what I see, it is largely an opinion based on the facts I have available. I write that opinion exactly as I see it and it matters not who agrees with it or not. This is how every angle of a story comes out, nothing is accomplished when everyone simply spews a copy cat opinion of the others involved in the debate.

    You are also avoiding the very fact that the original comments were aimed at. The original conversation was about Auburn and the quality of their team which is top 20 after seven games. The other conversation was about the front runner in the SEC which I claimed was LSU not Alabama, and it seems that most see it the same way I do after seven games.

    I have recently backed off of LSU a touch and I think Auburn will play them a very tough game. When the season started, I did not think Auburn would match up well against LSU or Arkansas this season. I also think the chances of Alabama winning in Jordon-Hare in the final game are very slim. Alabama is not going to play the same Auburn team that LSU does.

    As far as Penn State, they are pathetic, and I do believe if they faced an offense similar to that of Utah State, they would be exposed. While Northwestern is not the caliber offense Utah State has, they do play a similar scheme and we can watch that this weekend and see where it goes. Utah state has lost by three points, one point, four points and 10 points. They do not yet know how to capitalize on opportunity and win, but that is certainly not the same program that has been blown out in most games for years. The program is headed in the right direction and the opposite is true for Penn State a program that has had a massive decline in talent on the team and is led by a head coach that should have retired two decades ago. While there is little doubt that Penn State is a much higher caliber program than Utah State, the comparison simply illustrates how far the Lions have fallen.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2281 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Also I believe I commented 18 in total offense and 19 in scoring offense. I believe I read my own statement right.
    Penn State achieved their awful offensive rankings against the likes of:
    Iowa (usually good on defense but ranked 79 this season in a rebuilding year)
    Eastern Michigan
    Indiana State

    Utah State played
    Webber State
    Colorado State
    Fresno State

    Their strength of schedule so far is about 30 places higher than that of Penn State. Of course that changes in the last half of the season.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2281 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Once again you should look at the facts before you post a comment.
    I will help
    Utah State has yet to play:
    Louisiana Tech-----W
    San Jose State-----W
    New Mexico State------W
    They have two wins already

    I think they finish with seven wins

    Penn State has yet to play:
    Ohio State ------Loss
    They have six wins

    It appears to me that my comment was very appropriate.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2282 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Utah State is number 18 in the nation in scoring offense and number 19 in total offense this season.

    My comments pointed toward the fact that I believed Utah State was a better offensive football team than most thought. I expect my comments have been proved correct at this point.

    Penn State has not played a single team that is decent this year with the lone exception of Alabama. They are 78 in total offense and 98 in scoring offense. There is a decent possibility that they will not win another game this season. I still stand by my original analysis of them being a pretender living off of cupcakes this season.

    Boorstin also said:
    "Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know."

  • David Kutsch posted 2300 days ago

    David Kutsch

    I also read his comments regarding Utah State and Penn State. Wow....another swing and miss by Kevin LOL I don't know if he is aware, but Utah State is now 1 - 4 this season.

  • David Kutsch posted 2300 days ago

    David Kutsch

    Kevin pretends to know more than he really does. And when he is wrong, he won't admit it. He will say something like he needs to run simulations to figure it out...just to make himself sound knowledgable and important. I LOVE debating him - even if I am wrong - because it forces him off the pedestal he puts himself on.

    Roll Tide!

  • Russ Stanton posted 2313 days ago

    Russ Stanton

    Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not

  • Dr. SEC posted 2321 days ago

    Dr. SEC

    Thanks man. Was a rough summer but I am back for good.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2326 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Please comment on my articles from now on. I prefer readers to see the comments.

    I suspect when the season is over, Utah State and Penn State will have played a similar difficulty of schedule and Utah State will have the better record. I neither ask for or desire your opinion on the matter unless you bring some game to the table.
    In other words, what would make you think Penn State is any better than Utah State this season?
    This is the final year of a rebuilding program for Utah State. Before their three biggest playmakers were injured and knocked out for the season last year, they were quite formidable and had Oklahoma on the ropes. I dare say this is something Penn State can little hope for.

    Penn State is a bad mediocre team they did not beat a good or even decent program last season.

    They are not projected to be as good this season.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2327 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Yes, it was quite a bit closer than I had thought. These things happen when prognostication is based on younger players. The young Auburn defensive tackles reverted to attempting highschool bull rushing tactics and forgot what they had been taught. They were soundly whipped by a veteran offensive line and embarrassed to boot.