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I am a football-obsessed NFL writer currently residing in Chicago, Illinois heading up the AFC North for Bleacher Report for 7 glorious days a week, 365 days a year (there is no offseason). Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, football is in my blood. It's all I do, and I'm proud to be doing it here.

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  • Tom Lindemuth posted 107 days ago

    Tom Lindemuth

    Is the Steelers D a huge problem right now? Yes. Is it because of a lack of speed. No, unequivocally. Being out of potion is what is killing this team right now. Multiple players covering the same zone or being in the same running lane, these are the problems, not speed. Unfortunately this is to be expected from a defense that boasts so many young players and other new faces. Lets take a look at this defense from a speed perspective for a moment: D-Line - Cam Heyward is a beast, no speed issues here. Steve McLendon and Cam Thomas aren't extremely fast, but both are seen as being quick for their size and quickness is what matters in the trenches. Tuit is very fast. Keisel may be a little slow, but is he a liability? not with the other speed around him, especially as a rotational player. Linebackers - Speed is in no way an issue with this unit. The only player you can even question on that front is Jarvis Jones, but even though he isn't a sprinter his speed isn't a liability. Timmons, Shazier, and Worilds? They all have plus speed compared to the averages at their positions in the NFL. The depth players are also not slow. Secondary - Ike Tayor definitely isn't as fast as he used to be, but he used to be very fast. He's still above average for a starting corner, he just isn't that good. The same can be said for Troy, except Troy's skill haven't degraded as much, still an above average SS. Whatever else can be said about the skill sets of Cortez Allen and Mike Mitchell, they aren't slow, or old, players. Speed is an asset to their games. And, honestly, I believe speed is an overall asset to this defense. They just are constantly confused and out of position, especially against the no-huddle. Call this defense a liability all you want, because right now it is. But, don't call them slow, because its just not correct. Speed, especially among the young and new players, is one thing that gives me hope that this D can be an above average unit by year's end.

    Please respond Ms. Hangst, I'd like to hear what you have to say about my opinion.

  • paddy gorman posted 107 days ago

    paddy gorman

    Once again its Andrea Hangst lack of football knowldge and her ridiculously stupid article. Seriously Andrea do you even watch football? Every article you write you make one good point against multiple dumb ones and almost always the worst heading ever. Please do the world a favor and never write again. So lets break down how idiotic your article is. Number one Keisel DOES NOT START!!! Are you telling me that because he is a over 30 ROTATIONAL player that he has a HUGE imapct on the game??? So by your OPINION every team needs to dup their over 30 rotational dlineman..
    Number 2. Ike is actually playing well and he had ZERO effect on the steelers lack of production.
    Number 3...Quote Andrea "I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL"Hangst "The cause is simpleā€”an older, slower defense that ages and loses speed every year." AND " This isn't a mess the Steelers will be able to get out of this season. They aren't going to magically get faster or younger." Seriously!! What year is it in your world?? Ike and Troy are the ONLY starters over 30. Reading your articles are so frustrating because you literally know absoultely nothing about football, what do you think about before attempting this shi* you write.

    Bottom line Worlids is not elite right now and may not ever be We need the Harrison/Porter type to overwhelm the pass rush while a 2nd tier Woodley/Haggans comes along and he is not. Jones however is really developing but he is still young. Timmons is a position where we need him to be all world every play and he is not right now. Shazier is a rookie he makes a play then gives up one..what do you expect. The Dline is NOT dominant and that a HUGE factor in our scheme. Mclendon does not have Hampton leverage or strength. Tuitt has a ton of promise..see Shazier. Heyward is very good still only 25 ANDREA!!. Thomas is a natural nose but is not elite.In the secondary Troy is on the Downside we ALL know that but he is needed right now for at least this year. Allen is good , IKE is in his last year and Mitchell is not Ryan Clark from 2009 but again he is our FS and he is a good player who just needs to learn and control himself. We have addressed the DLine and LB in the draft and next year its obvious we will address the secondary and either commit to Worilds or sign/draft in 1st or 2nd rd a passrusher. The oline is solid Bell is fantastic and our Wr's are very good. Heath needs to be replaced and the offense just needs to have longer slower drives to give the defense a rest because remember 41 yards came on one run ALL STAR! . We all knew this was not a 11-5 season 9-7 is acceptable then Troy/Ike/Worilds need to be addressed. Keislel is in his swan song and THATS IT...
    Andrea do the world a favor and stop writing, we always lose to Ravens at least once..9-7 people deal with it we are not elite we are young and we had to rebuild its a part of the evolution of football

  • Smitty Smith posted 110 days ago

    Smitty Smith

    My Father always said. " You never know who are your true friends until your down and out and the whole world is down on you. Then you will see who's standing beside you when the chips are down". The Ray Rice incident is a horrible story. Everyone knows it's a moral crime and a legal crime to hit a woman. The story has been told from the very beginning when Ray and his Now Wife Janay Palmer got into a argument that ended wife Ray punching his (now wfie) Janay. She said many times that she was the instigator and we all know that Alcohol played a huge part in the out come. Ray has said how embarrassed and sorry he was. He was fined and punished by Roger G. He dated her in high school and they must have truly loved each other because she forgave him and married him! He took his punishment and was willing to pay the price. Only now when the media wants to sell paper and get ratings up is this being dragged up and out! What are we as a country if we don't allow someone to make a wrong,....a right! What about forgiveness? What about redemption? He lost his career and lost everything for a mistake. He didn't come home and beat his wife and send her to the hospital. He didn't get a rape charge. He messed up! He was 100% wrong. He admitted it. He didn't kill dogs.So now after all has been said and done. The NFL pressures the Ravens to let him go. It's a sad horrible tragedy but I refuse to jump on the band wagon and continue to slam him. It s a personal issue between him and his wife. Take a year off Ray and fight to improve your status in the NFL. Judge Not lest we be judged by the same judgement of which you judge. Prayers and Hope to you and your family Ray. The future will be up to you.

  • Neil Lewish posted 153 days ago

    Neil Lewish

    I have never read a more poorly constructed and biased article as the one you wrote on the Ray Rice issue, you are an insult to fair and balanced journalism.

  • John Madden posted 248 days ago

    John Madden

    Don't write about the AFC north if you don't follow all of the teams moves carefully. Im a ravens fan and not only do i think another 8-8 season is ridiculous that you have projected, but even with Pitt, Cinci, and Cleveland your projections and screwed up. You described the browns as stocked up with new weapons on a great D and Baltimore will lose 13-7. No way in hell thats close to the amount of points scored. Your losing credibility quickly, especially by saying the Panthers sweep the Ravens. IF you have truly done ANY homework on Carolina, you would notice things like they need a new Tackle, their best wide outs are JASON AVANT and TIQUAN UNDERWOOD, and they lost key figures in the secondary with Mike Mitchell and Captain Munnerlyn. I mean Jesus Christ its not that hard.

  • Michael Minkove posted 248 days ago

    Michael Minkove

    After reading through your win-loss analysis of all four of the AFC North teams for 2014, I now know why Bleacher Report has ZERO credibility. You can't even keep your own story straight across 4 articles! Week 1 you have both Cincy and Baltimore losing..... TO EACH OTHER! Same with week 14, for Cincy and Pitt. Then in Week 17, both Cincy and Pitt WIN, again AGAINST EACH OTHER! Absolutely pathetic.

  • WaitingFor Johnny posted 248 days ago

    WaitingFor Johnny

    homer ...

  • Phil Grimes posted 273 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    I've got to say, I know you're a Steelers fan, and I'm a Ravens fan, but you're starting to become one of the few writers I truly look forward to reading articles from. You're doing a good job.

  • Scott Schille posted 328 days ago

    Scott Schille

    The Bleacher Report should fire you or they better make sure you are not writing NFL articles. Before the start of tonight's game, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense (in the Super Bowl) 3 out of 4 times. Now, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense 4 out of 5 times in the Super Bowl. The great head coach Vince Lombardi has said, "Defense wins championships!"

    Teams who have record-setting offenses (like the Broncos) usually lose the Super Bowl. Remember the Patriots in 2009? Do you see the similarities between this year's Broncos and the 2009 Patriots? Now, I realize that was a much closer Super Bowl, but the Giants had a good enough defense to beat that prolific offense. How can you be oblivious to that trend? Off with your NFL journalistic head!!!!

  • Justin Ghee posted 370 days ago

    Justin Ghee

    if you would like to rebut or make a comment back feel free to email me at

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