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I am a football-obsessed NFL writer currently residing in Chicago, Illinois heading up the AFC North for Bleacher Report for 7 glorious days a week, 365 days a year (there is no offseason). Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, football is in my blood. It's all I do, and I'm proud to be doing it here.

You can follow me on Twitter (@FBALL_Andrea) for around-the-clock NFL news and musings, as well as fantasy football ranting. It's a guaranteed good time!

My irregularly-updated NFL blog, F*BALL and the weekly F*BALL NFL Podcast can be found here:
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  • Neil Lewish posted 36 days ago

    Neil Lewish

    I have never read a more poorly constructed and biased article as the one you wrote on the Ray Rice issue, you are an insult to fair and balanced journalism.

  • John Madden posted 130 days ago

    John Madden

    Don't write about the AFC north if you don't follow all of the teams moves carefully. Im a ravens fan and not only do i think another 8-8 season is ridiculous that you have projected, but even with Pitt, Cinci, and Cleveland your projections and screwed up. You described the browns as stocked up with new weapons on a great D and Baltimore will lose 13-7. No way in hell thats close to the amount of points scored. Your losing credibility quickly, especially by saying the Panthers sweep the Ravens. IF you have truly done ANY homework on Carolina, you would notice things like they need a new Tackle, their best wide outs are JASON AVANT and TIQUAN UNDERWOOD, and they lost key figures in the secondary with Mike Mitchell and Captain Munnerlyn. I mean Jesus Christ its not that hard.

  • Michael Minkove posted 130 days ago

    Michael Minkove

    After reading through your win-loss analysis of all four of the AFC North teams for 2014, I now know why Bleacher Report has ZERO credibility. You can't even keep your own story straight across 4 articles! Week 1 you have both Cincy and Baltimore losing..... TO EACH OTHER! Same with week 14, for Cincy and Pitt. Then in Week 17, both Cincy and Pitt WIN, again AGAINST EACH OTHER! Absolutely pathetic.

  • Dee Fense posted 131 days ago

    Dee Fense

    homer ...

  • Phil Grimes posted 156 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    I've got to say, I know you're a Steelers fan, and I'm a Ravens fan, but you're starting to become one of the few writers I truly look forward to reading articles from. You're doing a good job.

  • Scott Schille posted 210 days ago

    Scott Schille

    The Bleacher Report should fire you or they better make sure you are not writing NFL articles. Before the start of tonight's game, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense (in the Super Bowl) 3 out of 4 times. Now, the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense 4 out of 5 times in the Super Bowl. The great head coach Vince Lombardi has said, "Defense wins championships!"

    Teams who have record-setting offenses (like the Broncos) usually lose the Super Bowl. Remember the Patriots in 2009? Do you see the similarities between this year's Broncos and the 2009 Patriots? Now, I realize that was a much closer Super Bowl, but the Giants had a good enough defense to beat that prolific offense. How can you be oblivious to that trend? Off with your NFL journalistic head!!!!

  • Justin Ghee posted 253 days ago

    Justin Ghee

    if you would like to rebut or make a comment back feel free to email me at

  • Justin Ghee posted 253 days ago

    Justin Ghee

    Andrea, i understand as a journalist you're supposed to be objective and not supposed to sway readers one way or another. BUT, you're a blogger. you're entitled to have an opinion. So make up your damn mind about the Cincinnati Bengals. I know you're gonna write an article this week about how the Bengal should be feared after their DOMINANT performance today against the Vikings. But last week after the Bengals loss you said they have a lot to worry about. But the week before you said they were a serious contender. Keep in mind that you're a blogger, and you're allowed to have an opinion. Because as a fellow sports blogger, a die hard bengals fan, and a journalist, it is absolutely ridiculous to me to see your opinion sway all the time. You provide extreme depth in your articles and some nice statistics and insight. But seriously make up your mind.

  • luis garcia posted 293 days ago

    luis garcia

    Andrea, love the depth and thought of your articles, also trying to state facts. Hard to find food for brain like this. Well done. Every brain has the right to think... so guys will disagree, buts that the nature of the beast. Thanks you.

  • steeler nation posted 316 days ago

    steeler nation

    You need to eat crow immediately. Especially after u actually defended the ridiculous idea that the Steelers would go 0-6 in the division. I'm not saying we won't go 1-5, but it was a dumb prediction and your credibility took a hit. And I'm so glad to point it out to you.

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