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Sam is a Lead Writer here at B/R, specialising in the Premier League, tactical analysis and scouting reports. He lives in England.

His work elsewhere has been featured on CNN,, the International Business Times, Squawka and Yahoo! Sports. Sam has appeared on NASN Radio and CNN Worldwide. He currently does a bit for Discount Football Kits football blog and votes on the Associated Press global football panel.

Alexi Lalas complimented his hair.


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  • Nick Sinclair posted 28 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Ajax 1972 vs Milan 1989? Who would win?

  • Adel Janevic posted 64 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Hi again, Sam!

    Really sorry to pester you but I would also like to know whether or not you think Ricardo Rodriguez is the best left-back in the world. He certainly is in my book because Alaba has had a minimized role this season, but what are your thoughts?

    Thanks again!

  • Adel Janevic posted 64 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Hey Sam!

    What do you know about the Aston Villa that won the European Cup. Looking at the club's present plight, I find it surprising to learn that they ever achieved such success. Do you happen to know who were the star players, if the cup run was a complete surprise or not, and perhaps even some tactical information? I don't expect all of this but at least a tiny bit would do nicely.

    Thanks so much!

  • Samir Juha posted 75 days ago

    Samir Juha

    Hi Sam,

    My name is Samir and I am a Media Studies student at the University of California, Berkeley. I am interested in interviewing you for a research assignment I am working on regarding the social integration, information and entertainment function that Bleacher Report provides to its readers. I am really interested in your insight and perspective, especially due to the fact that you cover a sport that is growing in popularity in the States, on the ways that the website has altered sports-related discussion. Please let me know if you are available for a brief (10mins) phone interview that would greatly help a student in the communications field.

    I appreciate your time.


  • Felipe Godoy posted 76 days ago

    Felipe Godoy

    Hello Sam and thanks for your response. Unfortunately tha last two Arsenal games were not the best to assess Alexis' role behind the striker, having to address more present matters like defensive weaknesses, in-match substitutions, mental fragility of the squad among others. Maybe I jinxed Arsenal asking you for Alexis. Anyhow, it's quite alarming to see the number of problems in need of a solution at Arsenal. Regarding Alexis' role in the Chilean squad at the WC, you were right about him playing as a wide right forward and Vidal playing as an offensive midfielder/false striker but the Chilean squad it's not very structured, especially in offense, with all the pressing and fast counter-attacks so the positions are quite iffy. The only certainty is that Alexis was our main playmaker during the WC, and continues to be. Currently we play with Vargas and Alexis as strikers, but Alexis has the license to roam, finding the pockets of space and attacking the defense with the ball on his feet or assisting midfielders and fullbacks going forward and not only for the right side but everywhere he sees fit (e.g. Actually we are quite dependent of him, something very similar to what happens with Arsenal right now.
    In regard to the Copa America next year, I think it will be wide open. Chile and Colombia should be the favorites, considering Brazil and Argentina have new DTs, but any team could win it (in the last Copa America the semi-finalist were Uruguay, Paraguay, Perú and Venezuela).
    If you are trying to make it to the Copa America, let me leave some information for you to consider. Santiago will be the main venue and should be your headquarters. The other cities chosen were: Antofagasta, La Serena, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Rancagua, Concepción and Temuco. Besides Antofagasta and Temuco, which are too far from Santiago, the other five cities are close enough to make a one-day trip in a car/bus to see a game and come back.
    The draw will be held Nov. 24, so after that you could scheduled accordingly to the games you'll be interested to watch.
    My apologies for the long post and, as always, thank you for your time.

  • Nick Sinclair posted 78 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Hey Sam, recently I have been going back and researching and watching the great Milan side of 1989/90, with Sacchi as coach. Looking back on some of those great players, who do you think is the modern equivalent (or has the potential to be) of Ruud Gullit? Watching him, he seemed like a fantastic charismatic player. Also where have all the good Italian defenders gone, and who are the most promising ones you know? Lastly, I would like your opinion on a possible salary cap in European leagues, because I know back then it was limited to 3 foreign players (Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard). It just seems this would really help the development of homegrown players.

  • Sam Tighe posted 78 days ago

    Sam Tighe


    It's a strong name, sir.

  • Matthew Tighe posted 80 days ago

    Matthew Tighe

    Hey man we have the same last name! Pretty neat

  • Jamie Britt posted 82 days ago

    Jamie Britt

    Hey Sam. Wanted to say I loved your recent article "Top 100 European Prospects Under 21". I was really suprised how many great young players Chelsea have in the Academy. They are set for a while. But great list all around. There was a couple of names I was suprised you didn't include. Daley Sinkgraven and Jurgen Lucadio. Just wondering your opinion on them. Would they make your top 100??

  • Felipe Godoy posted 83 days ago

    Felipe Godoy

    Hello Sam, if it isn't too much trouble I got a question for you regarding Alexis Sanchez's position in Arsenal.
    I know Arsenal have struggled this season but the last games, especially against Burnley, they showed a little improvement. Coincidentally, the last two games Arsenal played with a 4-4-2 and Alexis had a role behind the striker, similar to the position he plays in Chile, as opposed to his usual wide role. I would love to know your perspective about this. Also, according to your expertise, which players are the most suited to play alongside Alexis and Welbeck (and there are a lot of midfielders to choose from)? and, how Walcott, Giroud and Ozil are going to fit in when they get back?
    From what I see it looks like Alexis is already a fan favourite among Arsenal fans, but me as a Chilean I'm more worried that he doesn't get injured before the Copa America in Chile next year, especially with Vidal's case in the last World Cup.
    I really appreciate any thoughts you can provide and thank you for your time.

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