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Sam is a Lead Writer here at B/R, specialising in the Premier League, tactical analysis and scouting reports. He lives in England.

His work elsewhere has been featured on CNN,, the International Business Times, Squawka and Yahoo! Sports. Sam has appeared on NASN Radio and CNN Worldwide. He currently does a bit for Discount Football Kits football blog and votes on the Associated Press global football panel.

Alexi Lalas complimented his hair.


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  • Johann Almeida posted 3 days ago

    Johann Almeida

    Is there a way to deactivate Lucas Moura's Instagram from the Brazil page? Every picture he posts appears there...

  • Tommy Chhe posted 6 days ago

    Tommy Chhe

    You should do an article of how the U.S. can be a world power in the international scene. Like having a national identity (For example, the Spanish are renowned for their technicalities, the English with their physical style of play), youth development and what not. Would be a good read IMO

  • Aidan Boustany posted 25 days ago

    Aidan Boustany

    You should do an article of the top strikers in the world. Also when will Champions League top 250 come out?

  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 36 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    Hey Sam.

    I was wondering if you could outline the weaknesses of the 3-5-2 and it's general variants. Reading about the general consensus seems to be that it's vulnerable to
    the presence of a pure cam and elite wing play typical of 4-3-3s and 4-4-2s.

    I can agree with the Cam weakness due to the midfielders being pre-occupied with fufilling their roles in the team and thus space being left for the Cam to reak havoc. However with the wing play point I not really sure if that holds true. Sure the wing-backs may be caught up the pitch and are prone to overloads on the flanks however wouldn't the presence of 3 Cbs negate this some extent especially as most teams only play 1 st and the fact that big strong aerially domiant target men are going out of fashion as most are required to be more techinacally able.

    It would be nice to get your thoughts.


  • Abz posted 36 days ago


    Hey, is there a BR fantasy football?

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 49 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Hey, Sam!

    I'm not sure you're necessarily the best person to contact about this, but I've chosen you because you're one of the only B/R writers who has ever responded to my questions about B/R's layout. In essence, I'd like to discuss the new layout of the comments section (and not just in a whiny "change it back blah blah blah boo-hoo" way -- or at least I hope not!). There seems to be a new system for comments on B/R now, and so far it seems to have a habit of hiding newer comments or replies to existing comments. I think this makes it very difficult to have any sort of debate via the comments sections as it means that counterarguments won't necessarily be visible to people reading through the comments.

    Here's one example of what I'm talking about: in the "Ranking the Top 3 Teams in Major Euro Leagues" article, I posted about how I believed Dortmund would have a better chance of pushing Bayern for the title this season. Unsurprisingly, a number of people responded to this saying that there would be little chance of Bayern not walking away with the title again, and these replies remained visible more often than not. However, any attempted replies to these comments to make a case for why it could be possible rarely showed up in future viewings of the comments section, and because of their limited visibility they received few or no likes and therefore became less likely to show up under the default "most popular comments" filter. In my opinion, this essentially killed any possibility of debate on the issue; it created a situation where one person could say "I think that ABC will happen", and then someone responds saying "No it won't", and that's essentially the extent of the discussion because those were the only posts that would consistently be visible to readers.

    I think that in order to create any real sort of genuine community amongst this site that goes beyond the tribal warfare of following club football (i.e. "You suck!", followed by "No, you suck!", and leaving it at that), the comments section should be set up so that all comments are equally visible to readers and that they will not be hidden seemingly at random. In essence, why can't we just use the old system? All people's comments were always visible all the time, and this enabled users to discuss topics more frequently and in a more in-depth manner than would be possible if they weren't able to tell that someone had responded to one of their (or another person's) comments.

    This is just my opinion of course, but I think it's something worth thinking about. I also understand that you probably aren't the first person I should go to regarding this issue, but if you could perhaps pass this on to someone involved in the layout of the comments sections of the site, I would greatly appreciate it.

    On another note, I'm really enjoying your work on pre-season coverage, and I look forward to reading more of it.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    -Rincewind Rjinswand

  • Nina Torres posted 56 days ago

    Nina Torres

    Hi Sam.

    Remember when you wrote your article about Pre-Tournament Team Power Rankings? Yo mentioned and I quote, "Costa Rica have very poor star quality and landed in the team of death.. there's no way they'll beat out England, Uruguay and Italy to qualify"..

    Guess that goes to show you can never write off anyone with such hubris, not even those "without a chance." That is all.

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 62 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Hey Sam,

    Thanks very much! I thank you on behalf of Dortmund fans everywhere. It's really nice to know that the writers at B/R truly do pay attention to the readers' feedback. I'm a big fan of your work, and can't wait to read more of it when the leagues start up again in a month or so! Thanks again!

  • Felipe Godoy posted 63 days ago

    Felipe Godoy

    Hello Sam, if it isn't too much trouble I got a question for you regarding Phillip Lahm.
    What do you think of Lahm's role in Bayern? I understand the point Guardiola gives about him being the best passer and wanting him to help control the midfield, but the World Cup showed us that Lahm is by far the world's best right back and he didn't need to play in midfield to control a game. Germany's defense looked very shaky in the group stage and the round of 16 game versus Algeria but then, like some kind of magic, Lahm moved to the right-back and all of a sudden Germany┬┤s weakness in defense were all fixed. From the moment he went into the right-back in the second half of the game versus Algeria, and the remaining games versus France, Brazil and Argentina, Germany's defense looked so much better. And, in my opinion, Lahm's offensive output also improved.
    Wouldn't be better to play Lahm in the right-back in Bayern's defense considering how similar is to Germany's, both struggling with fast counter-attacking teams? (I know Lahm played right-back in the second leg of the CL semifinal against Real Madrid, but Ramos' early goals forced Bayer to go forward leaving them very exposed to counter attacks)
    Sincerely, I'm not a fan of Guardiola's teams (they bored me to death) but tactically speaking they're exceptional teams. The one thing I got a problem is playing the world's best right-back out of position, even if he can play very well in midfield.
    Considering Kroos is gone, I guess it doesn't even matter ask you this question because I'm pretty sure where Lahm is gonna play next season, but I would love to know your perspective.
    Sorry for the long post and thank you for your time.

    PS: I saw that you have used the "Poor man's Vidal" label for describing Charles Aranguiz a couple of times in your articles. I know is a little bit harsh but is very useful to describe his all-action displays.

  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 64 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    Hey Sam,

    I really feel that Jmaes Wilson, the Manchester United prospect, should've been in your "Unknown Players Who Could Star in 2018". I think he's a fantastic little player and that's just not because I'm a United fan. He's ridiculously fast and very strong for his current frame, really tidy dribbling skills with very quick feet and he finishes like he's a seasoned player of the age of 25.

    Video evidence:

    Personally I think he's the England and United future striker and you should keep an eye on him, he'll probably feature in preseason.

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