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Sam is a Lead Writer here at B/R, specialising in the Premier League, tactical analysis and scouting reports. He lives in England.

His work elsewhere has been featured on CNN,, the International Business Times, Squawka and Yahoo! Sports. Sam has appeared on NASN Radio and CNN Worldwide. He currently does a bit for Discount Football Kits football blog and votes on the Associated Press global football panel.

Alexi Lalas complimented his hair.


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  • Julio Almeida posted 35 days ago

    Julio Almeida

    Sam Tighe: you really need to find another topic to report on, one in which you would know something about; clearly, you know nothing about football.

  • Gerard Bernal posted 36 days ago

    Gerard Bernal

    Hey Sam, I saw your recent CL power rankings and they're great ! A lot of people have been counting out Juve but I think they're real underdogs to at least make the final. Cheers !

  • Brody Johnson posted 44 days ago

    Brody Johnson

    Check this out

  • Sekiranda Archileo posted 53 days ago

    Sekiranda Archileo

    I need a sponsorship I have you have a young foot bool in Uganda try to contact me on my facebook

  • AJ Aguera posted 57 days ago

    AJ Aguera

    Do you think City should go 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 against Barca? Or are you going to tell me to wait and see how Bony meshes in against Newcastle on Saturday?

  • Jimmy Pegorino posted 58 days ago

    Jimmy Pegorino

    Hi Sam, I hope all is well. You recently spoke in a video about Raheem Sterling potentially leaving Liverpool. Do you have any ideas on who Liverpool could potentially target to replace him? Also which clubs do you think would be interested (and able) in signing him?

  • NO NO posted 66 days ago

    NO NO

    Sam sorry to bother you, but could you give me some insight on Southhampton's incredible form?

  • Eric posted 68 days ago


    Are you a barca or madrid fan?

  • Felipe Godoy posted 69 days ago

    Felipe Godoy

    Hello Sam, if it isn't too much trouble I got a question for you regarding Arsenal last matches against Manchester City and Tottenham. In this last two matches Arsenal had deployed a counter-attacking system, leaving the possesion to the others team while keeping a defensive set up and striking in the counter. So my question is: what went wrong against Tottenham?, or what went right against City?, or was just the luck of the day?. Arsenal didn't have the same starting XI for both matches and also City and Tottenham aren't the same team and don't have the same players but they do share some similarities.
    Did Arsenal's players weren't able to see the game plan through against Tottenham like they did against City? or Tottenham system and players were more suited to break Arsenal resistance than City?
    I know is quite difficult to compare two matches against two different teams, especially if Arsenal didn't have the same team on the field, but it's a very interesting topic to discuss further.
    As always, I really appreciate any thoughts you can provide and thank you for your time.

  • Krishna Lohiya posted 72 days ago

    Krishna Lohiya

    Hey Sam,
    I was wondering about this formation issue of Manchester United, pretty much like everyone else. According to a lot of recent stats, namely ones from December and January, Rooney has been a more effective player, in terms of goals and assists, when United have been playing with a 3-5-2 with Rooney playing ahead of Carrick. In the recent game against Leicester and Cambridge, he was shunted to the right side of the diamond and his performance was not what you would expect from a player as highly paid as him. So, clearly that isn't his best position. Do you think that van Gaal should persist with the diamond and sacrifice Rooney for a more effective player in that position or should he go back to the 3-5-2 and make the squad adapt and aim to perform as they did against Liverpool? Would really appreciate your response.

    Krishna Lohiya

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