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Sam is a Lead Writer here at B/R, specialising in the Premier League, tactical analysis and scouting reports. He lives in England.

His work elsewhere has been featured on CNN,, the International Business Times, Squawka and Yahoo! Sports. Sam has appeared on NASN Radio and CNN Worldwide. He currently does a bit for Discount Football Kits football blog and votes on the Associated Press global football panel.

Alexi Lalas complimented his hair.


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  • Jose Victor Gonzalez posted 6 days ago

    Jose Victor Gonzalez

    about the top 50 players in WC, what about David Luiz? He was ranked top player by FIFA, smh

  • Adel Janevic posted 6 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Hey Sam,

    Can you explain to me how this world cup has gotten so defensive on the knockout stages. In the group stage, you would be hardpressed to find a game with less than three goals, but now it is the opposite. Why has the world cup become so much more boring in the space of a week?

  • Abz posted 12 days ago


    I've been beyond lucky though, like today I said 2-0 to France, and that last minute own goal changed it. Not sure how long I can keep it up.

    Colombia winning would be so nice to see! I'll be honest with you, from the few games I've seen of James Rodriguez this past season, he's been decent, but nothing spectacular since he's been a winger. But now he's a CAM, he's been absolutely outstanding, and I cannot believe Man United chose Bebe over him -_-

    I wanted to ask you, what do you think the best goal of the WC has been? RVP's header? Cahill's Volley or most recently James' back to goal volley?

  • Abz posted 12 days ago


    Sam, long time no speak.

    You backed Argentina at the start right? Still confident? I kept a tenner on them last month, but I wish I could change to Germany...

    Oh and, Are you doing the BR challenge cup for the WC? If so, look who's number one in the UK :P

  • Sam Tighe posted 18 days ago

    Sam Tighe


    Hi Kevin. For some reason I can't write on your wall. Hope you see this.

    Use this link ^^ for all my tactical work. I do every game =)

  • Kevin Wing posted 18 days ago

    Kevin Wing

    to add credibilty to my comment, i would like to say i hate, detest analyst because of their inaccuracies, and honestly lost faith in them. Hence, i started to analyse games myself especially for the world cup. and i could only trust myself at this point.
    one day, i accidentally clicked on your power rankings on one of the days and OMG was i was amazed at how similar both our analysises were. Hence i believe in you now and would just like to kindly request whether or not you could write up an earlier analysis for Algeria vs Russia.

    Thank you, Cheers

  • Adel Janevic posted 19 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Who do you think is the hottest female writer on bleacher report? Angelique Christina and Holly McKenzie are my picks.

  • Hamza Shahzad posted 21 days ago

    Hamza Shahzad

    How do you think the midfield trio of busquets iniesta and rakatic will work?

  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 23 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    Hi, Sam. Loving your articles mate. Keep them coming. Had a couple of questions for you though.

    1) Is Fabian Frei good enough to play in the EPL?? If yes, should he be a target for Aston Villa??

    2) Does Chris Herd have a future at the club??


  • Felipe Godoy posted 28 days ago

    Felipe Godoy

    No disrespect to England but this is the best joke I've seen of the World cup.

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