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  • David Kutsch posted 2355 days ago

    David Kutsch

    UThug has zero chance of winning in T-Town...or any season for quite a while. Get used to losing to the Tide, my friend.

    And it was $200,000 we offered Albert Means, not $20,000. And I guess you aren't up on you Auburn history, eh? Since 1955 every single head coach in Auburn history except that sorry sack of crapola Doug Barfield has been accused or found guilty of paying players. If you are going to talk to me at least know WHAT you are talking about. Roll Tide!

  • David Kutsch posted 2356 days ago

    David Kutsch

    Oh look! A fake account so you can post on...just my profile? Zero reads. Zero writes. Zero comments. Man, I must have made you real mad to have you make up a fake profile just to send me a message! Sensitive much? I'm going to guess you are a UThug fan.

    So you think you can pigeon-hole me based on a short bio on the internet? You cannot portend to define me based on the extremely limited "knowledge" you can garner from my bio here on B/R. Do not ever presume to know anything about me, genius.

    Finally, your opinion of me as a fan is meaningless, as is your estimation of how long I have been an Alabama fan. I can tell you the exact DATE I watched my first Alabama game and it was over three decades ago. So clearly all of your conclusions are wrong, Chris...or whatever your name is. Kiss my arse and enjoy watching your Viles flounder all over the field again this season. Enjoy the butt-whipping the Tide will put on you this year, too. What will that be...five years in a row? Roll Tide!