Brian Marroquin

Brian Marroquin


My name is Brian Marroquin, I am a huge sports fan. (mainly soccer/football) I mainly watch Spain's La Liga. I am a huge fan of Real Madrid. I have been a fan since 1997 when I first started to watch them. I dislike FC Barcelona but I enjoy the rivalry between both teams. There is no other game in the world besides the World Cup Final that is as big or as entertaining to watch when those two teams collide. I also follow the English Premiere League and love watching international teams play against one another

I also enjoy watching american football on Sundays. My favorite team is the Carolina Panthers. In the NBA, I like the Chicago Bulls, the Charlotte Bobcats, and the Miami Heat. (I was a Heat fan before Lebron and Bosh came around) I am trying to get in the MLB more, but its somewhat difficult to follow 162 games a season. If I were to choose a team, I would probably go with the Yankees.

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