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Billy Rogers

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I'm also Willie Rogers. For some reason I couldn't logon, nor could I get to my password change tool. Glitch in the system, I guess.
Anyway, I am a diehard Crimson Tide football fan. I came on board in 1958, right after a gentleman affectionately called "The Bear" did.
I'm also a BIG NASCAR fan. Dale, Sr. will always be my fav, so Jr. is too. I hate how he's struggling, but, I'm loyal to a fault.
I could say more, but who would care?

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  • ghetto draco posted 393 days ago

    ghetto draco

    "the only thing ending in the Sugar Bowl is Bama's 1 game losing streak. We'll start another winning streak with the butts of you toads in a raggedy wagon with one square wheel!"- Billy Rogers

  • ghetto draco posted 393 days ago

    ghetto draco

    "[Alabama will]] beat the brakes off of the swooners and settle this Bob Stoop(id)s' foolishness about the strength of the SEC. But like he said on a phone interview with a local Birmingham NBC affiliate: "But we aren't playing the lower half (of the conference) are we? We're playing the top half...". Yeah bullet head Bob, you are. And it's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt bad..."- Billy Rogers

    Try to be a little less of an idiot next time you decide to comment.

  • loser

  • Jerry Fresh posted 449 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Billy, are you seriously a 50-60 something year old man, or is this a joke. Roll Tide, I got your back, sir.

  • JUDGEMENT RETURNS posted 629 days ago



  • 1Brunette2Go posted 781 days ago


    Go Gators ;) I was joking about the fat and ugly peeps btw

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 937 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Left a comment on that "Football Greatest Game Ever" guy's page. I like having you read and comment on my articles even though you can be quite abrasive sometimes, but you are an Alabama fan after all.

    But so am I, and I hope you don't mind the Auburn articles I write. A fisherman goes where the fish are.

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 944 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Latest article is a one-pager, just for you!

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 948 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey


    I know you hate those page articles but it's one of our best options as writers, so just wanted to thank you for your reads.

    The way the standard 1-page article formats work we can't align pictures the way us writers would prefer. The position of the pictures is based on how many words are in the article, which really sucks for us and I hope they modify it soon.

    We also get some pressure to write slide articles instead of single-pages in our newsletter assignments (not everything we write is our idea, heh), especially when it comes to lists such as "10 best players of *insert name*".

    I try to write as many 1-page articles as I can but with the layout options it just isn't feasible most of the team.

    Glad you keep reading anyway, Billy! Keep that clicking finger in shape.

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 958 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    Nice thread you have going on my article! Most two-person disagreements degenerate into "your mother" comments by the 10th or 12th comment.

    I'm totally stoked to see you and Daniel go almost a full 25-comment-long thread without a single out-of-line comment. :)

    I came to your profile to thank you personally, and I have also rectified the fact that I wasn't yet a fan of yours. (I thought I had "fanned" you back in January.)