Antonio Corleone

Antonio Corleone


Owner of Power of Golf Ltd -

Power of Golf Limited are proud to be able to offer our latest product – The Power Hip Rotator.

This effective training tool is the culmination of several years of research by Antonio Corleone and has been seen by a number of top PGA coaches world wide as a revolutionary step forward in personal swing development.

In addition to Endorsing the PHR system Denis Pugh (a leading PGA Coach who works with to a number of top PGA Tour Players across the world) has already publically stated that the Power Hip Rotator is the first swing aid tool that has truly got him excited and that it is a teaching tool that he can use across his entire client base.

Once the theory behind the PHR system had been proven Power of Golf embarked on a world wide search to secure the highest quality manufacturing facilities, facilities that would consistently deliver on the quality standards we demanded. At the same time we spent considerable time in researching and selecting exactly the right materials to enable us to deliver a high value product that would have considerable longevity.

We are now delighted to announce that the end result is a first class product which not only delivers an effective training advantage but does so in a small durable package that combines ease of use and long life. A product which can be set up in a matter of moments. The system can easily be stored in any size of golf bag or indeed the average glove compartment.

With the recognition the Power Hip Rotator has had, a simple idea has rapidly developed in to a growing phenomenon set to be extremely popular worldwide as both a professional tool and, with its included DVD a fantastic self-taught training aid.

Power of Golf Ambassador Simon Holmes has been working with players of all abilities from all over the world. His love for the Power Hip Rotator and the integration of it into his teaching style with his various golf schools have been a huge success and something that Power Of Golf are extremely proud of.

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