Steven Schiff

Steven Schiff


Die-hard Jersey Guy and die-hard New York Sports Guy, otherwise known as the loudest, most opinionated guy in the stadium. I'm pretty sure this already qualifies me to appear on PTI, or at the very least, Around The Horn.

If those who cannot do, teach, then I was born to be a sportswriter, as my all-time personal sporting achievements rank something like this:

1. Started at small forward for the Manalapan Recreation Basketball League fifth grade champions.
2. Finished the ING New York City Marathon in November, 2010.
3. Invited to join the 1995 Manalapan Little League All-Star team - declined invitation to attend Jewish summer camp.

I ran cross country and track in high school with some success, but it was always obvious that my talents were better suited to arguing about sports than playing them. So I went to the University of Virginia, got myself a BA in English, and did some writing and production work for WWE and MLB before settling into my current corporate gig, from which Bleacher Report will serve as a much-needed diversion and outlet.

Other odds and ends of note:

1. While on a baseball road trip through the Midwest, I captured video of a "baby T-Rex" throwing out the first pitch at a White Sox game. I posted it to YouTube for my buddies, and it sat at six views for six months. The next opening day, I saw my video on the Deadspin homepage under the title, "The Top-10 Worst Ceremonial First Pitches of All Time." It now has more than 164,000 views and 160 baffling comments.

2. I got world-famous - quoted in the New York Times and on camera for a BBC documentary - for de-friending 10 Facebook friends in exchange for a Whopper via Burger King's hilarious "Whopper Sacrifice" Facebook app.

3. I had an emergency appendectomy during an epic, extra-inning Yankees-Red Sox thriller. My first remarks to the nurses after awakening from the surgery were, "Did the Yankees win?" (They did, on an A-Rod home run in the bottom of the 15th).

4. I still call it Giants Stadium.

5. I'm unapologetic in my sporting beliefs. I hate field goal kickers, penalty kick shootouts, and the BCS. I root for Plaxico, but against Vick. I respect your opinion, but I probably don't agree with it. To paraphrase Kenny Powers, "I've been called a xenophobe, but the truth is, I'm not. I honestly just feel that the Yankees are the best team and the other teams aren't as good. That used to be called patriotism."

I'll always be opinionated, but my opinions will always be reasoned and intelligent. We may argue, but I guarantee it'll be a good time. So go ahead, come at me, bro!

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