Joe Melendez

Joe Melendez


Just a little preview about me. I do like to watch football, but i have become a huge fan of wrestling as of late. I was into all the attitude era when Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were headlining. I stopped watching wrestling every week during about 2006. Now i've been watching more on a regular basis. The whole CM Punk angle has really given the WWE some life, at least in my opinion.

Favorite Football Team: COWBOYS
Favorite All Time Wrestlers: 1. Steve Austin
2. The Rock
3. Triple H
4. The Undertaker (Ministry Version)
5. Goldberg
6. Shawn Michaels
7. Bret Hart

Favorite Current Superstars: 1. CM Punk
2. R Truth ( the guy makes me laugh)
3. Evan Bourne
4. RVD ( If he is still wrestling)
5. theres more but i just dont know which order I'd put them

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