Jason Daniel


I still remember when I became a sports fan, watching "The Fridge" score in Supper Bowl XX. I have been a huge football since. I started watching the Raiders after that, grew up in CA, outside (way outside) of LA, when Marcus Allen and Howie Long were on the team. I even got to see Bo Jackson. Wow, if he could have stayed healthy. In my 20's I started watching the SDSU Aztecs, with Marshall Faulk. When SDSU played Fresno State you knew there would be fireworks.
Now that I am in NC, I am excited to be able watch the ACC, I love seeing all the kids on the field that will be drafted. I love the ACC games and rivalries. Of course, I can't live in NC without watching College Basketball, but it did my heart good to see SDSU do so well in the Tourney last year as well.
Finally, I have really given up in MLB, but watching the Bulls in Durham is great. Of course it doesn't hurt that they are consistent winners and that I love the movie Bull Durham

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