My name is Heath Clary, and I am a writer that focuses more on MLB and college football, but I write about a little of everything! I love Texas Tech and Notre Dame football as well as the Houston Astros. I will be attending Texas A&M this upcoming school year to study finance, but after that I would love to be a professional sportswriter.

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  • Patrick Leonard posted 1113 days ago

    Patrick Leonard

    Hey Heath, I have a heckuva story for you. Here is the first half. It gets really nasty later as Stubhub is jerking me around. Please write me if you would like to get the full details so you can write a full article on it. It involves sports, business, and basic human rights!

  • Harvey Specter posted 1166 days ago

    Harvey Specter

    I find it ironic that someone who claims to be a proponent of ethical behavior would use a bulletin board to chastise the opinions of a writer. You claim to have done a search of Heath's background, and then use that limited information to draw conclusions about his ability to judge character. I believe, sir, that you are using a much shallower pool of knowledge to judge Heath than Heath has used in judging the Florida State football program. The ability to judge good behavior from bad, and the ability to judge good character from bad, is something that comes early in one's development. As we grow older we tend to put a filter on that judgment, and might even allow our sports allegiances to blind us. Ethics and character are not as esoteric subjects as you might believe - they are on display daily, everywhere you look. I have not done any research on you, but I can truly say that you are looking at the world through a filter, and just might be in the wrong line of work. Heath, great writing. Telling the truth - ethical and shows good character. Stealing food, dancing on tables while shouting obscenities - unethical and a display of poor character. Argument closed.

  • Rick Blankenship posted 1180 days ago

    Rick Blankenship

    As someone who has to judge ethics of individuals constantly, I find a very simple search of your background to cluttered for you to be judging the character of Winston or Fisher. Quite honestly, over 25 years I have found individuals your age (<20) have not developed the proper foundation for issuing profound statements about such esoteric subjects as character without it reflecting anything more than personal opinion without support or underpinnings of historical background or input of more reasoned evaluations.

  • Kevin La Marca posted 1189 days ago

    Kevin La Marca

    You are an obvious hater no matter the publicity or notoriety.