Katelyn Grabarek

Katelyn Grabarek


I am a diehard Cubs fan, from South Bend Indiana (near Notre Dame). I am a college student studying communications, with a passion for journalism. I love sports in general, and I'm a tennis player. I am a soon to be college sophomore at Saint Mary's College, and I write for Notre Dame's newspaper and get to cover a lot of their sports. It's been a great experience covering Notre Dame, but my real passions are baseball and football. I have more than a few quirks about stats I keep track of especially when it comes to the Cubs. I guess when you live and die every year with them, you become superstitious and an eternal optimist, or in my case pessimist who dreads the worst. Go Cubs!

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  • Joe Willett posted 3230 days ago

    Joe Willett

    It's no problem. I'm won't be able to add you as an author until I get my bearings with the new website. The owners of SportsBlogNet.com moved all of the blogs to Word Press and off Blogger so I have to get accustomed to the new way of going about things and then I will try to send you an invite to be an author if I can, until then I can continue to just copy the posts over. Also, if you notice, I haven't really been writing much so don't worry about it, the site has mostly been posts from Bob Warja and Pat De Marco.

  • Bob Warja posted 3234 days ago

    Bob Warja


    Long time no talk, hope all is well. Imagine you're busy with school...

    Well, 275 articles & I finally did a slideshow. It's something different, hope you enjoy it.


  • Ryan Michael posted 3250 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    I just wrote this in tribute to the late Walter Payton, ten years after his passing...


    I've managed to gather quite a bit of POTD votes so far, I hope I earn yours as well.

    -Ryan Michael

  • Hao Meng posted 3253 days ago

    Hao Meng

    Hey Katelyn,

    If you get the chance, I'd love for you to check out my recent analysis on Derrek Lee's batting woes. I take an interesting perspective on the issue and offer some possible solutions, and I'd appreciate your comments and feedback very much!



  • Joe Willett posted 3255 days ago

    Joe Willett

    I sent you an invite to be one of the writers, I was also wondering if you could post maybe one original article per week plus whatever you post for B/R. If that is too much for you let me know, but it is just a little request.

  • Joe Willett posted 3255 days ago

    Joe Willett

    I will add you as an author later tonight.

  • Joe Willett posted 3256 days ago

    Joe Willett

    What is your e-mail? I can have it set up so that you only need a Google account to post all of your articles.

  • Joe Willett posted 3256 days ago

    Joe Willett

    Thanks! I'll start posting your articles again. Also, if you want, I can make you an editor so that you can directly post your articles.

  • Joe Willett posted 3262 days ago

    Joe Willett

    Hey Katelyn, I'm bringing back the Daily Cub (I just know you are as excited as I am) and I'm trying to get everybody that was writing before back, let me know if you are still interested and I will put some of your articles on the site.