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A freelance sportswriter based out of NYC. I am the Atlantic Division Coordinator for Bleacher Report's NBA Coverage. I am also a featured columnist for Baseball. I also blog specifically about the Boston Red Sox. I am "Red Sox Monster" on check out the twitter feed

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Oh and I have a weekly spot on espn radio 1450 The Hall on "The Average Joe Show"

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  • Kunal Mishra posted 884 days ago

    Kunal Mishra

    Hahahaha I didn't agree that you were an ass! I just thought he made a couple good points lol! But yeah, I'm trying to boost my comments... Right now I'm ranked in the mid-400's, but I want to get below 400 before I apply to be a writer, just in case that has ANY weight in their decision. Thanks for the compliment! (And sorry if all the comments were annoying haha!)

  • Oliver Clark posted 907 days ago

    Oliver Clark

    I've really enjoyed most of your articles. That said, I was wondering who your favorite NBA rookies are for every position in the 2012 draft class?

  • Syed Ahmed posted 927 days ago

    Syed Ahmed

    Your last name just speaks 'writer', good articles !

  • Amber Lee posted 974 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there BS—actually I usually do the initials thing, but perhaps it doesn't work as well in this instance. Anyway, thanks so much for fanning me, I appreciated it so much that it made me a fan of *yours*. It seems the world is exactly as it should be tonight <3

    Also, congrats on that rave review below...I only get notes that long from people who watch to pepper me with their verbal rage. Wicked jealous.

  • Mathew van Roijen posted 982 days ago

    Mathew van Roijen

    The Philadelphia 76ers lack of scoring is not a surprise. They had trouble scoring last season. Their biggest surprise is that they didn't add any scorers in the offseason.

  • SHMUEL Ash posted 995 days ago

    SHMUEL Ash

    Just read your article on Woodsons ignorant comments on the knicks having a legit chance at a championship. i just wanted to give you props on 2 things:
    1) First and foremost, you wrote a good truthful and accurate article about basketball, and because it is about the knicks, which means idiotic knick fans will be the only ones in the comments section ( i have plenty of knick fan friends that i have to deal with- try convincing one of them that shumperts not the best defensive player in the league and I'll give you a nickel) you have to deal with all their stupid comments. I am mainly applauding the fact that you responded to them, no matter how dumb they sounded, you supported your points in the article and shut down any of their over exaggerated misconceptions on what you wrote. Bc we both know that once you say anything negative about the knicks, it means that you are basically saying they aren't even a playoff team. So props to you standing strong on your points and making the knick nation look more Lignorant than they already are because I am just sick and tired of their approach on the game- there is no such thing as a non-biased opinion when you are a knicks fan. WELL DONE!

    2) you pointed out something that has been bothering me for the longest time- that the people interviewing players/coaches ask the dumbest questions. I remember when the Giants beat the Packers in the 2nd round of the playoffs they interviewed one of the players (might have been Nicks, but I can't say for sure) and they asked if he though they could make the super bowl. What the heck is the guy supposed to say?!?!?! "ummmm, no. I think we just about hit are ceiling on this one." It pisses me off, they do the same thing on ESPN interviews when they interview players- "how far can your team go?" such idiotic questions that I cant even listen to player interviews anymore.

    Thanks for the great article, keep'em coming. Just wanted to express my support on a good article that gets a lot of flack due to ignorance. Thanks

  • Viney posted 1008 days ago


    I guess Steve Blake started tonight. I was pretty surprised Ramon Sessions played tonight since you said he wouldn't. Either way, he will be starting in the future though, so you are right. Like I said, I wanted Blake out of L.A. anyway, they lost Derek Fisher instead. Wow.

  • silvia honey posted 1081 days ago

    silvia honey

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  • Christopher Benvie posted 1095 days ago

    Christopher Benvie

    Thanks for the boost Ben! Much appreciated!

  • Brian Roach posted 1170 days ago

    Brian Roach

    **You should be my fan. I want to write about the Boston Red Sox!

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