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jamar jolly


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  • Justin LeClair posted 2257 days ago

    Justin LeClair

    Hey just wanted to thank you for standing up for whats right that guy is an ignorant tool, hes trying to turn it around on u. He should be removed from this website and never allowed to pollute this site with his filth ever again.

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar posted 2257 days ago

    Jo-Ryan Salazar

    "Thats because I have a life and I serve my country for dumb assholes like you to write dumb shit that you do fag"

    I also have a life too: writing columns here and doing admin work at my other job. Oh and since you did mention serving your country, have you heard of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?" That's been thrown out the window now, since you mentioned the word "fag." So don't even go there. And I am straight, by the way, you lower-than-dirt bigot.

    If you want to engage in this further, use the Inbox; else I will to notify the folks up top that you are polluting my Bulletin Board with spam.

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar posted 2258 days ago

    Jo-Ryan Salazar

    "all your articles sucks badly Ya mom should have swallowed instead of push"

    This from someone who has contributed little to b/r except for 163 paltry comments. Either you haven't read every single one of my pieces, or you're trying to also be a troll like I am. I'm not the worst person you will ever encounter on the Internet for your information. Now sod off. You're lower than dirt and ants, as far as I'm concerned.

  • jamar jolly posted 2301 days ago

    jamar jolly

    no problem

  • Troy Bingham posted 2303 days ago

    Troy Bingham

    I appreciate the like, dude! Spread the word!