I used to write for cagesideseats, which was a great site, got the chance to write some articles I'm extremely proud of. I like blogging in general, reading Jenny Colgan novels and watch far too many NCIS reruns.

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  • Tom Cuthbert posted 16 hours ago

    Tom Cuthbert

    Your articles are rather ordinary/mediocre.

  • Gautam Marwah posted 6 days ago

    Gautam Marwah

    Sharon, you are one of the worst writers on this site, the other people who keep disrespecting you in the comments of your articles have a prosperous life. You suck Sharon.

  • Edward Morris posted 16 days ago

    Edward Morris

    That guy proved my point.

  • Frankie Escandon posted 17 days ago

    Frankie  Escandon

    I enjoy reading your articles.:D I don't know why people are mean to you in the comments section. Pay no attention to them.

  • Edward Morris posted 17 days ago

    Edward Morris

    As if we needed anymore proof Sharon has other accounts.

  • Anon Ymous posted 19 days ago

    Anon Ymous

    Sharon, you are one of the best writers on this site, the other tards who keep disrespecting you in the comments of your articles have no life. You Rock Sharon.

  • Julia The Nord posted 20 days ago

    Julia  The Nord

    Please join Voldemort and friends. We are meeting at Borgin and Burke's. We will have frog ale.

  • Andre Conner posted 31 days ago

    Andre Conner

    I don't understand why you guys hate on Sharon. She seriously couldn't care less about what you think of her work. The thing is I don't understand why you all read her work if you hate it so much. It literally tells you in the title who wrote the article. It is pointless to say her work is terrible when you are not being forced to read it. You willingly click on her stuff then hate on it consistently. If she consistently terrible then don't read her stuff.

  • Edward Morris posted 32 days ago

    Edward Morris

    And that's the thing, she doesn't seem to read the comments. She thinks she knows better then everyone else and that she's the best writer on this site just because she gets the most reads. And she's said this herself.

    And i agree, i don't hate her. I hate her articles because she puts no heart into what she writes. So i'm just saying, if we want her gone when we should stop clicking on her articles. I've haven't clicked on any of her articles in 2 weeks and i don't think i'm missing out,

  • Michael Seminara posted 32 days ago

    Michael  Seminara

    I don't hate her... I just hate most of her articles which prove she knows nothing about the product... She really needs to read these comments, and get a clue.

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