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I used to write for cagesideseats, which was a great site, got the chance to write some articles I'm extremely proud of. I like blogging in general, reading Jenny Colgan novels and watch far too many NCIS reruns.

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  • Eric Deboo posted 5 days ago

    Eric Deboo

    You RUIN wrestling with your articles.

  • slappy johnson posted 11 days ago

    slappy johnson

    Ha, see people think i've been an ass and yet more and more people are proving me correct!

  • Kevin Molnar posted 16 days ago

    Kevin Molnar

    your articles are like your photo. Depressing, ugly as hell reads, and reek of darkness and shit. Please try harder instead of rewriting other people's news and being basically a middleman.

  • Ben Dover posted 19 days ago

    Ben  Dover

    ^Look at that picture.... Ugly too?! The "Total Package" Sharon Glencross.

  • Damond Thompson posted 26 days ago

    Damond Thompson

    John Cena slowing down WTF are you stupid

  • slappy7 johnson posted 35 days ago

    slappy7 johnson

    Aww thanks, you're the best! I hope she gets gout. She must have reported me. My normal profile won't work. Apparently she's also a commie

  • slappy7 johnson posted 36 days ago

    slappy7 johnson

    Aww thanks sweetie. I hope she gets gout. She must have reported me. My normal profile won't work. Apparently she's also a commie

  • Tris Matassa posted 38 days ago

    Tris Matassa

    Ian, shut up. I'm English and I don't go around throwing hate at people when it doesn't merit it. This woman is one of the worst writers I've ever come across, she makes a mockery of writers who bleacher report wont let write on there site, and people who invest time in reading said tripe.

    Please go back to watching football and stop trying to defend people when you have no idea why people are saying these things!

    P.S Slappy you're awesome

    P.P.S Sharon I hope you trip over and graze your knee

  • slappy johnson posted 43 days ago

    slappy johnson

    Sharon, do you just keep hitting refresh on your computer to make it look like you get more reads than you do?

    Seriously why do you always have a poll? Maybe you should put a big ass picture in there instead. Take up about half the page. The other half can be dedicated to your quote from Meltzer.

  • slappy7 johnson posted 46 days ago

    slappy7 johnson

    Gun Control? That's called keeping my trigger finger off the trigger until I intend to fire. I've personally shot guns since I was 12 and after 16 years of being in the military (I medically discharged this past year), I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing. The downsides for gun control arguments and I'll keep it brief: 1. Criminals and psychos don't follow the law. If you disagree, which store do you get your: cocaine, meth, heroin or weed at? 2. We should also ban murder, rape and assault… oh wait we did. Once again, criminals and psychos don't follow the law. 3. Once we give up the guns, who's going to protect us from the government? You all over there are overtaxed and regulated. I know you were joking, but this is an issue in this country because a handful of jackasses make the rest of us look bad. Think of a religion in your country that is slowly taking over parts of your largest cities.

    Now back to the real issue at hand.Yeah our women's futball ( you're welcome) team is generally tough, our men's team makes a run every other decade….

    If Cena (mostly the scripters and Vince) would vary his routine a little bit, that would help. If he threw in a ddt or a decent bulldog anything to break up his 5 (to 7) moves of doom. Stop with the flying shoulder blocks…. freaking stupid.

    He doesn't necessarily have to become a heel, just change up the way he acts. actually become interesting again.

    Sharon was being hated on long before she caught my eyes. She aggravates everyone. The fact that she creates profiles to get "her some love from the internet" is what officially set everyone off on her. If you read enough of her columns you will understand.

    P.S. Sharon if you're enjoying this, you will become a victim of gingivitis.

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