I used to write for cagesideseats, which was a great site, got the chance to write some articles I'm extremely proud of. I like blogging in general, reading Jenny Colgan novels and watch far too many NCIS reruns.

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  • Rooster Head posted 39 days ago

    Rooster Head

    You are back. Comment section will be better again. Big Nasty isn't as good as you.

  • Randy Norton posted 41 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Come back Sharon.

  • Mukesh Yadav posted 43 days ago

    Mukesh Yadav

    Why no articles lately? You were one of the main reasons why I log into BR to read your reports and comments thereafter.. I am sure none of these comments offend you... You are like John Cena of BR. Looking forward to your articles.

  • faux sharon glencross posted 43 days ago

    faux sharon glencross

    Were you banned? Have you taken to the drink or powder?

  • faux sharon glencross posted 43 days ago

    faux sharon glencross

    Sharon, please come back. 1. it's kind of boring. 2. Nasty and a couple of the others are starting to write more and they are making you look really good. Get some thicker skin and come home.

  • Matt Fischer posted 61 days ago

    Matt Fischer

    Are you alive? Hope your OK?

    Was Sharon Banned?

  • Rooster Head posted 61 days ago

    Rooster Head

    I miss your garbage articles. Comment section used to be gold atleast. Granted Nasty's still around here but he's more annoying than comedy.

  • Arielle Parkison posted 61 days ago

    Arielle Parkison

    So happy I haven't seen any more of her damn writing.

  • Edward posted 62 days ago


    Banned? Good, you deserve it.

  • Beastcoast Squad posted 69 days ago

    Beastcoast Squad

    It's been pretty swell not seeing any garbage articles posted by you recently but hope everything is well and you're not seriously ill or something.

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