I used to write for cagesideseats, which was a great site, got the chance to write some articles I'm extremely proud of. I like blogging in general, reading Jenny Colgan novels and watch far too many NCIS reruns.

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  • Ambrose 316 posted 267 days ago

    Ambrose 316

    you are bad at your job

  • alex 12 posted 484 days ago

    alex 12

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  • alex 12 posted 503 days ago

    alex 12

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  • faux shaon glencross posted 527 days ago

    faux shaon glencross

    Are you depressed that NCIS shows will be ending?

  • Fight Owens Fight posted 535 days ago

    Fight Owens Fight

    I'm not even gonna lie, I kind of miss Sharon's articles. They were so bad that they had a certain level of entertainment to them. Come back!

  • Follow The Jobbers posted 587 days ago

    Follow The Jobbers

    You are back. Comment section will be better again. Big Nasty isn't as good as you.

  • Randy Norton posted 588 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Come back Sharon.

  • Mukesh Yadav posted 591 days ago

    Mukesh Yadav

    Why no articles lately? You were one of the main reasons why I log into BR to read your reports and comments thereafter.. I am sure none of these comments offend you... You are like John Cena of BR. Looking forward to your articles.

  • faux sharon glencross posted 591 days ago

    faux sharon glencross

    Were you banned? Have you taken to the drink or powder?

  • faux sharon glencross posted 591 days ago

    faux sharon glencross

    Sharon, please come back. 1. it's kind of boring. 2. Nasty and a couple of the others are starting to write more and they are making you look really good. Get some thicker skin and come home.