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I am a high school basketball coach from rural Southeast Missouri. I enjoy writing for the Bleacher Report in my spare time. I am a lifelong, die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, and I pretty much follow any team from Missouri. I am a St. Louis Rams fan, a Mizzou Tigers fan, and because Missouri doesn't have an NBA team, I root for the Chicago Bulls (my favorite childhood team) and the Memphis Grizzlies (the closest team to where I live). You can follow me on Twitter at!/DavidHeeb

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  • just wondering posted 1106 days ago

    just wondering

    Hey David,
    Are you the coach who was suspended by the Missouri High School Association for illegal recruiting of players? I didn't know if it was you or there was more than one David Heeb who coaches basketball in Southeast Missouri?

  • Matt Fiedler posted 1912 days ago

    Matt Fiedler

    Hey David,

    My name is Matt Fiedler and I work for a company called OptionIt. We sell options on tickets that give fans the ability to reserve tickets without an obligation to purchase them. We have some inventory for the Rams/Patriots game in London this year and I'd love to talk with you about potentially running some promotion through your site/blog. You can learn a little more about what we do on our website:

    Let me know when might be a good time connect and I'll make it happen. Thanks so much!


  • Jeff Heck posted 1944 days ago

    Jeff Heck

    Hi David. I co-host a radio talk show called "Bears Claws." We air on Tuesday evenings during the season from 9 to 9:30 eastern time. We are looking for a Rams analyst to appear on our program September 18th, the Tuesday prior to the Bears/Rams contest. Would you be interested? My email is Please email me if you do have an interest and we'll go from there. You would be on for about ten minutes and talk in general about the Rams and the upcoming match-up against the Bears. Thanks!

  • Tom Schreier posted 1989 days ago

    Tom Schreier

    Thank you very much for becoming a fan of mine. My roommate in college was from St. Louis, although he's a Kansas Jayhawks fan...

  • Mike Huska posted 2256 days ago

    Mike Huska

    Who is the Rams kickoff returner this week vs the Packers?

  • Jordan Palmer posted 2257 days ago

    Jordan Palmer

    David, please contact Jordan Palmer at KSDK-TV. or 444-5223