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Hello, to any and all. I'm an aspiring sports journalist located in Phoenix, Arizona. After being born and raised in San Diego, California, I'm attending Arizona State University (currently in my freshman year) and studying under the Journalism and Mass Communication program there.

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  • Francesco Mainetti posted 2244 days ago

    Francesco Mainetti

    Hi, I'm Italian, so please, don't blame me for my poor English.
    I try to answer to your Jordan's detractive article, even if I'm not such an expert.
    I just think "who's the GOAT?" is just a question not to be answered, becuase is meaningless, to me, because there is no way to make a comparision between players which don't play the same position on the court: you can't consider the PPG, APG, RPG, just because any position as different strenghts and weaknesses, you can even hardly compare players which played in different times, because they didn't play against the same rivals, neither as rivals themself, and the league and the game are always in evolution. The only thing you can do, is imagine what is the perfect player at each position( the perfect PG, SG,...) and say who is the real player that get more near to this ideal. Everything else sounds superb to me.
    But it is just my own idea. If you're interested in answering, please, be so kind as write an e-mail at