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My name is Michael Moraitis and I'm 27 years old, born and raised in New York.

I started writing for Bleacher Report on August 17, 2011. I am a Featured Columnist with B/R's Breaking News Team.

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  • Joe Guarino posted 1525 days ago

    Joe Guarino

    Hi Mike,

    I'm working with BFGoodrich Racing down at Baja. We've been posting videos and photos throughout the morning from the start. There's some great content on if you want to check it out.

    We've also been sending out videos and photos to our list of reporters. If you'd like to be added, send me your email and we'll send you our updates.


    -Joe Guarino

  • Mike Moraitis posted 1553 days ago

    Mike Moraitis


  • Justin Neuman posted 1595 days ago

    Justin Neuman

    No problem, Mike, glad to help! It's easy to think of Pryor as a rookie due to his relative irrelevance so far in the league and the fact that he plays for the Raiders. Take care!

  • Benny Baham posted 1649 days ago

    Benny Baham

    GREAT STUFF ON THE RADIO SHOW MIKE!!! Check him out on weekends on the sportsguymike show. Thank you Mike!! Huge fan.
    Benny Basham
    co-host SGMS

  • Sports Lover posted 1772 days ago

    Sports Lover

    How do you cover up so many sports?

  • Curtis Rohl posted 1795 days ago

    Curtis Rohl

    Your argument was flawed on your article titled "Why Flames Will Use Plethora of Goalies to Make a Deal" as Irving was on waivers during training camp. The Flames have no confidence in their goalies behind Kipper as every Goalie was on waivers at some point in the year. There is no value here beyond Kipper as the teams could have had Irving for free. The Flames are just holding out until Kari Ramo gets here next year.

  • Mike Moraitis posted 1802 days ago

    Mike Moraitis


  • Louis Applebaum posted 1817 days ago

    Louis Applebaum

    Man,who cares that KG lost Allens' number?KG has lost his game.And the 4th paragraph"that saw Allen jump SHIT??C'Mon man.Bull Shit.Go Heat!!

  • Landon Hemsley posted 1856 days ago

    Landon Hemsley

    Michael -
    I saw you wrote about the Utah State Aggies's bowl game the other day. Considering Andersen's been hired to Wisconsin, I figure Deseret News coverage of his departure would be of value to bleacher report readers.
    Here is our latest article on the subject - it addresses player reactions to Andersen's departure. We also scoured twitter for player reaction, and expert columnist Brad Rock wrote a great piece on his departure as well. Feel free to quote, link and pass this along as much as you like.

    I noticed that not a lot of this is on Bleacher Report's team stream for the Aggies. I don't know if you know who does that, but if it's not you and if you know who it is, I'm sure the bleacher report audience would appreciate this stuff.
    Thanks -Landon

  • ryan swan posted 1924 days ago

    ryan swan

    I doubt the Yankees pitching, which was amazing, will keep the Tigers to three runs or fewer in every game.

    I hope people realize how much having to play Game 5 messes up the rotation in the ALCS thanks to Pud Selig not having an off day between the two series'.

    How the best record in the AL get a team screwed without an off day?!